Friday Phone Dump…

She saved up her allowance to buy this makeup kit. It was very exciting, obvi…

Also, she is clearly a natural at makeup application…

Just keeping a lookout. Please note the sword down his pants.

Also in the makeup kit? nail polish… AND it washes off! Who made wash off nail polish?? As a result, I have had approximately 4,782 manicures…

This is how we roll…

Cupcake happiness… thanks, Wachter family! You made our week!

Puffy, toothless face.

She likes a morning nap on the couch. Under a giant blanket. With her feet propped up on a pillow to keep her legs from swelling up.

Poor baby boy has been sick.

The grandma bought tiny P a doctor set to practice with, to help with some of her doctor fears.

My very favorite things are these “doctor glasses.” If our babies ever need glasses, they are getting round frames like this, because these make me so happy, I cannot stop laughing. And also, they will need head straps, because no nose bridge on those babies. Bless.

Crazy hair, don’t care.


  1. Melissa on December 7, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    The make-up and those glasses just made me laugh – your kiddos are too cute.

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