Friday Phone Dump…

Sleeping boy. The husband says I have a sickness because I have to take a picture every time my babies sleep. He’s wrong, it’s not a sickness… an obsession maybe, but sickness? Pshaw.

Her little notes are so sweet.

Riding his little bike… yes, it’s a baby bike, but his little legs are just not quite long enough to reach the peddles on a toddler bike. Poor short baby boy…

Writing sentences. It’s what happens when you sass your mommy.

Watching My Little Pony. He really is the best dad.

Riding a toy train at the store…

How we play with toys. This is how people fall on their head and get hurt, people.

At Medieval Times. Fun!

In time out. That face… of course my first thought was to take a picture of that face, ha.

So proud of some flowers she planted in our neighborhood.

My happy girl waiting for the cardiologist…

Getting her EKG…

After spending the whole morning at the hospital, baby gets what baby wants for lunch.

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  1. Paula on June 28, 2014 at 4:26 am

    Awesome pictures as per usual! Have you thought about a balance bike for baby J? (known as run bikes in some areas)… peddles necessary and lots of great advantages to them! My daughter LOVES hers!

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