Friday Things…

School, week two, is done, and the transition seems to be going well now… I am so proud of our little M! She’s had a little bit of a hard time at home, but she has made some great choices at school to listen and obey her teacher. I think she has also figured out that when she makes good choices, she gets a star on her chart. And when she gets stars on her chart, she gets a prize. And the girl loves her a prize.
I feel like I should be a little proud of her for learning so quickly how to work the system.

Little M came running up to me at home yesterday afternoon, and said “mommy, where’s my star wars?” I asked what “star wars” she was talking about, and she described the princess wand with a star on it that her teacher had given her. After I figured out what she was talking about, and where her wand was, I told her it was a star WAND. She gave me a withering look, and said “it’s a star wars wand!”
Yes, right…just like yoda has…

We are in the question stage of conversation with little M. EVERYTHING we say is met with “why?”
And then there are the other questions…the questions I am not expecting, and I don’t know where they come from, like:
Why do we have a bottom?
Am I a little person or a kid? What? Both!?
Some trees are big and some trees are small? They didn’t eat and get big and strong?
We don’t eat hair? We just eat lunch?
What’s your favorite flower?
What kind of beans do you like?
Do you love little kids?

And the list goes on and on…all the livelong day, ha!

We were at the park last week, and a little girl came up to little M and reached out to touch her hearing aid. Little M tolerated her for about two seconds…then the little girl said “what do you have on your ear?” Little M said “that’s my hearing aid,” and kept playing. Then the little girl asked why little M had a hearing aid, and little M replied “you don’t have one. Are you sad you don’t have a purple hearing aid?” The little girl nodded, and after a few minutes, I heard her asking her mom if she could have a purple hearing aid…so funny.

Little M is being tested by her speech therapist next week to see where she is at since getting her hearing aid. I am excited to see on paper how this has helped her!

We have noticed such a huge difference, and others often tell us how much clearer and better her speech is…but there are some things she says that are still pronounced differently. I can’t tell if she is just hearing some things differently, or if she knows it’s wrong, and just doesn’t care.
Either way, there are some things we don’t correct, because we love the way she says them.

When she is scratching something, she will say “I have a little edgy,” instead of itchy.

She says “let me sink” for let me think, which baffles me, because she can’t for the life of her says the letter S when is it meant to be there.

One of little M’s favorite movies is The Incredibles, and when she talks about it she always talks about Dash running away from the bad guys because they want to “hurt heem.” Sometimes I ask her about the movie just to hear her say “they wanna hurt heem.”

Little M’s favorite place to eat is Chipotle, and she calls it “chapollay.”

Love. Her.


  1. Me on September 8, 2012 at 3:37 am

    My cousin's 5 year old son has perfect hearing and a great vocabulary, but he still refers to the \”Diary of a Wimpy Kid\” books as \”Diarrhea of a Limpy Kid\”. LOL. So don't fret over her funny pronunciation of a few words… she'll grow out of it.

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