Friday’s Things…

Little M does so many things every day that have us cracking up…
here are just a few we have heard around here lately from our little crazy.

Little M : May I have some Marshmellers?
Me: Sure! (and I gave her some marshmallows)
Little M: Imma put them all in my mouth!
Me: Is that a good idea?
Little M: Yes! Imma get a full mouth.

Little M (with a very sad face, holding her stuffed Nemo): Mommy, sometimes Nemo’s ok, and sometimes he misses daddy. Right now he misses daddy. Are you concerned about Nemo?
Me: Ummm, yes?
Little M: Yeth, me too.

Little M (holding her purse, and three stuffed animals): Mommy, can you help me go potty? My hands are just too full.

Little M ( while we were taking a walk): It’s very sunny, I think I need some sunglue.
Me: you would like some sunscreen?
Little M: Yeth, sunglue on my head!

Little M (at speech class): My half birthday is coming up
Speech therapist: Your birthday?
Little M: No, my half birthday.
Speech therapist (sounding unsure): Your half birthday?
Little M (with a hand on her hip): Yeth, it’s VERY important.
Speech therapist: Oh, ok, I didn’t know we celebrated half birthdays.
Little M: Oh. Yes, we do.

Little M: Is this how you make a one?
Me: Um, I think that might be a seven?
Little M: Hmmm, I think it’s a very fancy one.

Little M: I have a lot of bug bites!
Ms. Weaver (school teacher): from mosquitos?
Little M: Yeth! They were hungry for me! They bite me! That is not nice.
Ms Weaver: Oh, you think the bugs were mean?
Little M: Yeth, that was mean…they need Jesus.


  1. Jen on September 15, 2012 at 1:32 am

    Five and seven in particular are cracking me up. Five because it sounds so much like something you would say. Seven because i like the idea of a missionary to Mosquitos. 😉

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