Getting Out And Making Friends…

After laying low all day yesterday, and giving tiny P some time to regroup and adjust a little more to our crazy family, we decided to venture out today for some fun…

We headed to a nearby park… the same one we went to a year ago when we were here getting baby J!

Little M remembered being here before, and was excited to ride the carousel. We went with another adoptive family who has been here all week like us…

It was so fun to see baby J in this park, again, seventeen months later. He was able to run around, and he is bigger and stronger. Our guide commented several times how different he is this time, and how good it was to see him again. Baby J has been quite the little celebrity around these parts, as we have met many of the same people again who helped us adopt him last year again this time around. Many of them remembered him, and have been excited to see him again.

We fed the koi fish in the pond…

And walked through the park before heading to the embroidery museum.

The kids were fast friends, and little M is already excited to see her little friends when we get to Guangzhou.

We enjoyed spending the day with the S family! We have made the best friends through our adoption journeys!

We were especially excited to have the same guide we had when we were here last year. Amy is a strong advocate for adoption of Chinese children, and we enjoyed seeing her again!

Tomorrow we head off to Guangzhou, and we are looking forward to the next week!


  1. Unknown on September 18, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    J have a new bump on his head? LoL

  2. deanna on September 19, 2014 at 2:43 am

    oh I met them! we had gotcha together…I didn't catch their name. hope to see more people in GZ. I was disappointed in our tour yesterday of the university…wish we could have gone to the park with you all!!

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