Giving It Up…

I gave up something for lent.

I grew up in the Baptist faith…we didn’t do lent…because it was for Catholics, duh. Even though I never did lent, and I still probably only loosely get it, I like the idea of it, and the meaning behind it. I recently had a conversation with my Dad about Lent, and why on earth I would participate in it, so it made me think. Why on earth do I participate in Lent?
I don’t believe I need to give up a luxury or something as penitence for sins, because that’s what Easter is about…those sins have already been paid for and grace covers me. Really, observing Lent won’t make me a better person. But I really like that Lent is a set time, 40 days, to focus on God, and what He has done for me. Observing Lent helps me reflect and turn away from idols in my heart.
In the past I have given up chocolate, and once I even gave up all sugar/desserts, but I wouldn’t say that it served to bring me closer to God. It mostly just made me grumpy.
That said, I still wanted to give up something I love. So I gave up Facebook. It has been WAY harder than I imagined! I didn’t realize that when I get up in the morning I check my Facebook. Sure, I don’t post constantly, but it’s the only way I know what’s going on with friends I don’t see every day. Even when I’m just bored, it was my go-to. I had no idea how much of my time Facebook was taking! Instead of constantly checking Facebook, I have prayed, or meditated, or done something for someone else.
Sure, you can really do this anytime, but I enjoy that Lent is a built in season to give something up in the days leading up to Easter.
(now my Dad will leave an anonymous comment about how he raised such a smart, cute daughter, who is even funnier than he is…ha.)
And if you are my Facebook friend, I really have no idea what is going on with you, and I will see you after Easter…just not as much as I did. Thirty-two days down, eight days to go….

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