Graduating Kindergarten (An Open Letter)

To the mother of my daughter’s heart…

This next week our girl will graduate kindergarten.
Just over three years ago school wasn’t a thing we even dared to wish for her…

But here she is… she is learning to read, she has friends, her teachers love her, she is full of sass and joy and life all thanks to you and the gift of life your baby gave her.

And next week we will clap and cheer for her, we will celebrate how far she has come, and not a minute will go by that we don’t think of you and your little one.

We will put a little graduation cap on her because of your baby, and she will get on stage and sing funny songs with all of her little friends because of your baby.

Our Paisley is six and a half years old now…  She is thriving and healthy and beautiful, and for over three years she has been living with her hero’s heart beating in her little chest. When I tuck her in bed at night, and kiss her over and over, and sing to her with my hand on her chest, I feel her hero’s heart beating so strong under my hand and every time it takes my breath away. And every single time, I am so thankful for you and the gift of life you gave us.

We think of you, and we are thankful for you, every day.

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