Our little M is no longer little. Gah, it makes me sad even to write that!

She is growing up so fast, and I love that she is growing and healthy. I do. But I also miss my squishy tiny girl. I never had little M as a baby, and I know it might sound funny, but I miss that. On the other hand, I am very much enjoying the little girl that little M is becoming.
She is sweet, smart, and funny, and I enjoy being able to talk to her, and I love that she is starting to be able to communicate. I love that she is starting to ask questions, and especially, that she is starting to answer them!
A year ago little M could neither ask nor answer questions. Every time she wanted something, it was a game of charades and limited sign language. Now, if she can’t tell me what she needs, she has the word skills to tell me that she wants to show me.

I used to think that little M would be small-ish. I thought she would be a small girl, because a year ago she was not on the US size charts.
Well, let me just tell you…little M is now on the charts. She is above 60% on the weight chart. And she is about 20% on the height chart. Our little girl is not so little anymore.
The little girl who weighed 24 pounds is no more. Our girl is now almost 36 pounds.
Seriously, people, my arms and my back ache ALL the time, because a certain three year old thinks that is is perfectly appropriate to be carried all the livelong day.
And how can I tell her no? I can’t.
The difference between that little M of a year ago, and the little M of today is huge. And little M herself is huge.
And I do so love my giant little girl!


  1. Musings from Kim K. on February 2, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    Amazing what a healthy heart and new diet can do!! I remember Josie's weight nearly doubled after her heart surgery. Your M is nearly the same weight as our five year old Josie. I can't Josie beyond 38 pounds, but she keeps getting taller. Love M's outfit.

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