Guess Who Is Four?!

Oh, precious baby J…

how did you get to be four so quickly? It seems like just yesterday we were in China making you our son.

You are small, precious boy, but you are also mighty. You might be the most stubborn person I know…
You are stubborn, and smart, and so lovable.
You are SO funny, and you make me laugh every day. You are so good at giving hugs, and you love a cuddle with your daddy.

You insist that you are not a big boy, that you are just little, and yet you also insist that you can do everything that your big sister can do. I am very excited that you have finally reached thirty pounds, that makes your mommy happy.
You love your family, and you love it most when we are all together.

You are excited to begin school, and I hope you are still excited when you realize that mommy can’t stay. You are smart, and you are going to love learning and making new friends.

You love to have your hair done, and you hate leaving the house until your hair is perfect. I think this is adorable, and I have done nothing to dissuade this.

You are four years old today!
I love you to pieces, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for you!


  1. Kat on August 21, 2014 at 8:29 pm

    Okay… how did that time go so fast???? Bless his heart I am so excited to know J is growing up and your family is growing and everyone is so LOVED and Blessed and WELL…. So grateful for your family. Happy Birthday J. I wanted you to know you and your family have been and will continue to be in our constant prayers. Today, particularly, Tiny P has been on my heart. I can not wait until she is in your arms!!! So close… and yet so far away. Love to you all,kat

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