Happy And Sad…

Sometimes, in life, I have found that it is the little moments that stick in your mind the most…a look, a smile, sometimes a conversation. These things can often be so big and mean so much, and you know you will remember them forever.

Well, our girl has had herself some moments this week…she has had moments of elated happiness, and she has had moments where she was so sad and upset that it took my breath away.

Little M’s sad moments are often at night. Maybe it’s because that is when her mind is quiet, maybe there is something at night that triggers some sadness. Unfortunately, little M is unable to tell me. Most often her sad moments happen while she is sleeping, and she is not able to to remember them, or, if she is, she isn’t saying.

The other night, little M started crying, in her sleep, and then she was screaming for me. She screamed so loudly over and over, until I got to her. She sobbed and sobbed, she was incapable of answering any questions…because she wasn’t completely awake. I stayed with her, like I always do, until she was sleeping calmly and soundly again, but it rattled me.

She woke the next morning completely happy, and was her usual cheery self. She shows no signs of sadness during the day, but there is a bit of tension there. It’s just there, under the surface, but really, that could just be related to the time of year. Is there any way to know, and how can I help my little girl through this? How can I help her have a normal night’s sleep…

I love my happy little girl, but I also want to know how to help her and be there for her when she is not happy. I know that no one is always happy all the time, and I don’t necessarily want that for her. But I would so love to know what it is that is making my girl sad…what she is dreaming, thinking, feeling…I want to know what is wrong, so I can know how to help her.


  1. Musings from Kim K. on December 17, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Oh my. I love that toothless little smile. For the most part, our little girl is over-the-top happy. We've seen some tantrums lately over silly things. I think napping will be part of Christmas break. Time to recharge and slow down a bit.

  2. jessica on December 17, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Oh that is so hard. I think the hardest part is when you don't know how to help them! Just so you know, my younger son (bio) has that happen sometimes too. I don't remember my older son ever waking up in the middle of the night scared/sad, but with Jackson there have been a handful of times where he woke up screaming so horribly scared that I ran in as fast as I could and tried to comfort him. But he was asleep I guess because it took a long time to comfort him. It's only happened a few times but it's so unsettling and kind of scary when it happens! Good luck, hopefully as you get through the holiday season it'll happen less often (or not at all!)

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