He makes me smile every single day.  He is funny, and his expressions are awesome.

He is cute…beyond adorable. Even the way he talks is adorbs. And he has dimples that, obviously, are the cutest thing ever.

He sometimes laughs at inappropriate times. But his laugh is so infectious, that it usually makes me smile, and that causes problems.

He says “o-tay” to everything.

He is always cold. This will be the Winter of the layering. He is also very thin…clearly we need to fatten him up.

He is learning a lot of songs right now, and he likes to sing. My favorites are to hear him singing “winkle, winkle, yiddo tar, howa wodder wha you ah.” and “row, row, row…tree! meow, meow, meow…tree!” (twinkle twinkle, and row row row your boat).

He is loud. I know I’ve said this many times, but seriously…

He is running. And he is fast. Like so fast that I need to run to catch up to him.

He is speaking all in English, and he has completely forgotten his Chinese.

He LOVES his routine. I think he would do the same thing every single day if he could.

He loves food. But he is a S-L-O-W eater. However, I would rather have a slow eater, than a picky one.

He is easy to love. And he is mine.

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