Most of the spiders you will see around our house are not going to hurt you. Unless they’re poisonous. Then you’re in trouble. ~ little M
Poisonous? And they could bite you? ~ tiny P
And then what? You go to the hospital…or to Heaven? ~ baby J
Well, I guess it depends on the type of poison. You could definitely die a horrible death. ~ little M. Way to terrify your siblings…

I would like to see a landfill, because I am curious, and it would be educational. But it might make me sad…~ little M
I think it would be disgusting! ~ baby J
And stinky. I don’t like stinky things. ~ tiny P

So. What do you think? ~ little M
I don’t know…I stopped listening to you a long time ago. ~ baby J
What? ~ little M
You were using too many words, and my ears got tired. ~ baby J. I can so relate.

My brain is burning up…~ baby J, when he had a fever

My tooth is GONE! It was under my pillow, and now it’s gone! ~ baby J
I know…remember we said that there would be money there, where you tooth was. ~ me, already rethinking the tooth fairy…
…The tooth fairy took it? She came in my ROOM?? ~ baby J
Why does she need teeth? Do they give her energy? ~ baby J
… ~ me. The tooth fairy is looking pretty bad right now, haha.

I had something to tell you! ~ baby J
What was it? ~ me
I don’t know anymore…M talked so much I forgot. ~ baby J. The struggle is real…

Was it just sad, or was it a tragedy? ~ little M
I don’t know? ~ baby J
A tragedy means it was disastrous. ~ little M
Just sad, I guess. ~ baby J

Grandma? Now would be a good time to use the phrase “holy moly!” ~ little M, when something surprised them.

Ok, now. Let’s get serious. ~ little M, talking about horses.

This is a nice place to put a museum. It’s so pleasant and peaceful. ~ little M, visiting the marine corps museum

Hold me mommy…I need a forever hug. ~ tiny P. Awwwwwe!

Sing it babe!! ~ tiny P, when I started singing to her before bed.

What time is it, mommy? ~ tiny P
It’s three o’ clock. ~ me
Why? ~ tiny P. What? Why?? I don’t know how to answer that!

I love playing with you, J. ~ tiny P
That’s so nice! I love playing with you, too! ~ baby J
I like to be the boss, and you listen to me the most. ~ tiny P

Will you tell me about Pompeii, M? ~ baby J, talking with little M about volcanos
Umm, no…it’s too soon for you. You’ll learn all about it in third grade. ~ little M

We learned about cheetahs today. Tomorrow is pandas. ~ baby J
Oh. Cheetahs are the fastest land mammals. ~ little M
Yes, I know. They can run up to 70 miles per hour! ~ baby J
Ummm. I thought it was 55. ~ little M
You thought wrong. I just learned about them today, and it is fresh in my mind. ~ baby J
(walking off muttering about how she’s going to google that and see who’s wrong) ~ little M. Baby J was right, haha.

Are you in trouble? ~ little M
Yes. Sometimes life is hard. ~ baby J
It’s harder when you make bad choices. ~ little M. True words.

Look mommy! The fire station is still dressed up with Christmas lights! ~ baby J

Today I learned how to fight bad guys. ~ baby J, after taikwondo
I don’t think you’re supposed to fight? ~ little M
We are learning how. We just have to be respectful. I can beat up a bad guy…~ baby J
Respectfully? ~ tiny P
Yep! I just have to say “stop, I don’t want to fight you!” Then I can beat him up. ~ baby J. Clearly we need to discuss this more, haha.

I think I am sick again…I am coughing, and I am having a hard time listening to you. ~ baby J

I’m glad I got a haircut yesterday. Now all the Dr’s will think I’m super handsome. ~ baby J, at the hospital for tiny P’s appointments.

When I am eighteen, I will not only be able to vote, I will be able to have a permanent tattoo. Right mommy? ~ little M
Umm, yes, that is technically true…~ me
Are you eighteen, mommy? ~ baby J
Mommy is forty. ~ little M
I am not, I’m thirty-nine. ~ me
That’s pretty much forty, mom. You might have a little denial. ~ little M. She’s at such a fun age…

I can’t be sick! ~ little M
But you are. You have a fever… you can’t go to school. ~ me
I can’t!!! I can’t miss science!! ~ little M, crying. There was a lot of crying about missing science…

Mommy, I have an interview for school, and it’s about when you were my age. ~ little M
Ok… ~ me
What did you do to stay warm in the Winter? Before you got your fire started for the day? ~ little M
Well, we had heat, so our house was warm…~ me
Did you make up stories to tell each other? for fun? ~ little M
What? ~ me
Before books? ~ little M.
We had books. You HAVE some of my books from when I was your age! ~ me.
Well… how did you get to school? Did you ride a horse? Or were you able to afford a buggy? ~ little m
This is not a fun game… We had a car, and we drove to school. ~ me
Oh. It was just a really slow car? ~ little M. Clearly she thinks I am two hundred years old.

I do not care for this potty training. It’s just not my favorite. ~ tiny P

Why? Why can’t I wear diapers forever? ~ tiny P

I don’t want to play princesses, or houses…I only want to be superheroes and doctors! ~ tiny P

I really want to go ride bikes! ~ tiny P
It’s too cold today, we have to wait for a warmer day. ~ me
I guess I will just dream about it, then…~ tiny P

Have you seen my brave heart scar? ~ tiny P, to a random woman in an elevator, who was a little shocked.

I think I would cry if I had to get two pokes for blood work…~ lab tech
Well. I don’t cry. I’m pretty brave. I am four, and I am potty trained now, so…~ tiny P, two days into potty training.

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