I wish…  ~ baby J
What do you wish? ~ little M
I finished my wish in my head. It’s a secret. ~ baby J
Oh. Makes sense. ~ little M. Does it?

Hahaha! You are so funny! Hahaha! ~ tiny P
P, stop laughing at me! You are going to make mommy come see that I am getting in trouble! ~ baby J. Hmmmm…

Oh mommy…you are so sparkly, it is like my dream come true! ~ baby J, when he saw me dressed up for a party (which clearly I don’t do much of, ha.)

I made you a stinky little present…it’s in my diaper! Hahahahaha! ~ tiny P. Why is that funny?

We do not eat play doh. ~ tiny P, to A, the sensory therapist.
No, we just play with it. ~ A
Yes. But sometimes my brother eats it. ~ tiny P
He does? ~ A
Yes, but mostly just the blue play doh. ~ tiny P.
Oh? Why the blue? ~ A
No one knows… ~ tiny P. True that.

No! Nobody look at me! Mommy, help my hair! ~ tiny P, after her hair got messed up.

I need to know more about Sarah Hale…I think she really must have been amazing! Did you know she was the first female magazine editor in history? And without her, I don’t think Thanksgiving would be a recognized holiday…I know that she wrote to presidents, I think two before she wrote to Lincoln, and he agreed to recognize Thanksgiving. All because of Sarah Hale. Did you know that? Is there anything else you want to know? I have been reading up, you know, and so I know a lot about that first Thanksgiving, and the native Americans, and the Pilligrams. ~ little M. SOOOO many words lately. I was already overwhelmed, BUT she lost me at “pilligrams.” Ha.

Phew, there is a lot of love going on tonight at our house. ~ little M, when I pulled her into my lap for a hug.

I love my glasses! I love being able to see! ~ baby J

We do not put our hands in our mouth, because that will spread germs! ~ baby J
Yes, that is how people get sick! ~ tiny P
And, also, we are not allowed to put other people’s hands in our mouth. I learned that at school today. ~ baby J. What???

Ooookay…how long are we going to hug? ~ baby J, after we had hugged for, like, two seconds, ha!

You’re such a brave girl. ~ the husband, after tiny P got a shot.
I know. I wish I didn’t have to be brave anymore…~ Tiny P. About having shots every day. Knife…right in my heart.

I’m the boss baby! I’m the boss baby! You can’t tell me no, because I. Am. The. Boss. Baby! ~ tiny P. All the time.

Today I am not going potty on the toilet. Only in the diaper. I decided this. ~ tiny P. Yep…we are winning at potty training!

I have been reading about mount Vesuvius. If you want to know about volcanos, just ask me, I know a LOT about volcanos. I’m practically an expert. ~ little M

Look at that little baby walking around! He is so small! He looks way too young to walk! We should ask that baby’s owner how old he is! ~ little M
Do you mean that baby’s mommy? ~ me
Yes… obviously, haha…baby’s don’t have owners. ~ little M. Yes. Obviously.

Oh my. Welcome everyone…it is so nice to see everyone! What an honor. Such an honor. Welcome to the opening of the healing garden! Thank you for coming! ~ little M, walking down the hallway at the hospital, welcoming all the doctors who were there to welcome HER to the opening of the healing garden. Also? There were curtsies, twirls, and waves…Bless it.

It’s raining cats and dogs! ~ little M
Yes! ~ baby J
That just means that it’s really raining hard. ~ little M
I know. ~ baby J
It doesn’t mean actual cats and dogs. ~ little M
Ok. ~ baby J
It’s just a way to say that it’s pouring rain, not that cats and dogs are coming down. ~ little M
OK. ~ baby J
It’s not literal, it’s just a saying. ~ little M
OK!!!! ~ baby J. Sometimes? Our little M over explains. Ha.

Don’t you wish Christmas day was here right now? ~ little M
No, I like the days leading up to Christmas. ~ me
Because you have more time to get things done? ~ little M
No, I just like to enjoy the season. ~ me
Oh. I don’t. I want it to get here now. ~ little M

Sing me a song! ~ tiny P
What song do you want? ~ baby J
Something about ho ho ho the mistletoe! ~ tiny P
I don’t think I know that one… how about jingle bells? ~ baby J
Ok…that will do! ~ tiny P


  1. Renate on December 17, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    Such deep thoughts! They really crack me up😉

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