Do you think I can live to 100 years old? ~ baby J
I don’t know…some people do. ~ me
Then I will need a stick. ~ baby J
A stick? ~ me
A stick to walk with. Older people have them. ~ baby J
You mean a cane? ~ little M
Yes! To walk with! ~ baby J
Or you could hit someone with it if they got in your way! ~ tiny P. Watch out for her!

Hmm. What should I draw? Something pretty…~ baby J
Draw yourself! You’re a handsome little guy! ~ little M
I am, yes. I will do that! ~ baby J

You don’t just look wild right now, you look deranged! ~ little M to baby J

Where is this store we are going to? ~ little M
We are almost there, It’s just up ahead. ~ me
There? The tall one with the flag post? And the flag waving high and proud? ~ little M. Yes, that store…

Ahh! Daddy is an ambush hugger! He just grabbed me out of nowhere! ~ little M

Whoa! I got too excited, and I ended up on the floor! ~ tiny P.

Hmm. That daddy is a handful. ~ tiny P, after the husband was teasing her.

You are a funny grownup, mommy. ~ tiny P

I like your painting. ~ baby J, to a woman at an art store.
Thank you! Do you know what I am painting? ~ random woman
I do know this…It’s the statue of liberty! It’s in New York. I have been there, so I know everything about it. ~ baby J. No problem with confidence, huh?

Sometimes I get in trouble because it’s hard to sit in my chair. ~ baby J
Oh. Yeah, sometimes being still is harder for you. ~ little M
Yes. I told my teacher to put glue on my bottom, so I can stick to my chair, but she wouldn’t do it. ~ baby J
Well, I can see how glue on the bottom could cause problems. ~ little M

I just love cousin Quinn…he has humor AND comedy. ~ little M

Ugh! You can’t tickle me, Daddy! Superheroes do not like to be annoyed, especially wonder woman! ~ little M, dressed up in her wonder woman costume.

This song is very pretty…what do you think the central message of this song is? ~ little M, about a song on the radio

Why don’t you sing a Christmas song, mommy? That will make us happy! ~ tiny P, while we were sitting in traffic

Umm, no thank you,  I think I have gotten enough heart caths. ~ tiny P, when I was scheduling her next heart cath.

Mommy! Hurry! I need you! ~ tiny P
What do you need? ~ me, rushing into the room
I just need a little cuddle. ~ tiny P. Ok, then…

I need to hunt! ~ baby J, looking for a toy.

I wish I was a grownup right now…I would make a lot of rules about eating halloween candy for dinner. ~ baby J

I wish I could have lasagna every day. And watermelon. And enchiladas. And bacon. ~ baby J

I learned a new, very long word today! ~ little M
What was it? ~ baby J
Ummm, I don’t remember…~ little M
Oh. This isn’t a very good story. ~ baby J

We’re going to the toothpaste doctor! ~ baby J
It’s called a dentist. ~ little M
Yes…Where they give you toothpaste! Toothpaste doctor! ~ baby J

I love this song! It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs! ~ baby J
It’s called The Twelve Days Of Christmas. It’s a cumulative song. ~ little M
Umm. I don’t care. ~ baby J. Ha.


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