It’s raining, and I love the rain! ~ baby J
Yes, rain is nice…rain is just the nicest and the cleanest… unless it’s acid rain. Then it will kill you, probably. ~ little M

I really want to play with kitchen toys! ~ friend R
Yes. And I really want Benjamin Franklin to be alive… ~ little M

Do daddy’s go in the corner? Maybe they should… ~ little M

Daddy? Daddy, daddy, DADDY!!! ~ tiny P
Yes, P, What? ~ the husband
Can I ask you a question? ~ tiny P
Yes? ~ the husband
Do you think I’m cute?? ~ tiny P

Stop arguing with me, P! ~ baby J
I can’t, I like to argue. It’s my favorite. ~ tiny P.

Daddy! You swim just like a whale! ~ tiny P
Umm, thank you? ~ the husband
You’re welcome! ~ tiny P

I am ready for Summer school, Daddy! I got a notebook with 120 pages, because you just never know how much you’re going to learn! ~ little M

Naps are the worst! They are so sweaty and confusing! ~ little M

Mommy, look at the size of this rabbit, it’s huge! It’s almost twice as big as P’s head, and that’s huge! ~ little M, reading a book about animals…

We’re having s’mores?! Best day ever! ~ little M

The boat is here! I am going wake-surfing, and all of my dreams are about to come true! ~ little M

Mommy! Mommy! P is standing on my book! ~ baby J
Mommy? ~ baby J
Ha! She can’t hear you! ~ tiny P

Ok, I will give you this whole math problem, and then you have to tell me the answer. ~ little M
You mean I have to figure it out in my head? ~ baby J
Yes. Or Mentally. ~ little M

I better write my name on this picture so everyone will know who drew it after I die. ~ baby J. What?

P, can you stop yelling, and try to act like a princess? ~ baby J
No…I don’t want to act like a princess. I want to be a boss! ~ tiny P. And there you go.

Life is so hard when you have to poop! ~ tiny P

You…you are really getting on my nerves right now, little boy. ~ tiny P, very sweetly to baby J, with her hand on his cheek.

Wow! What a brave, strong girl…you never cried at all! And we got all the blood we need. I am impressed at how brave you are, and that you didn’t even cry! ~ lab tech
Nope. I am brave, and I have no feelings about this blood draw. I just need my stickers, thank you. ~ tiny P

Daddy, do I have any chocolate business on my face? ~ little M
Umm, yes. ~ the husband. Haha, chocolate business.

What you need to remember while we are on Assateague Island is to stay calm and not make any sudden moves. If the pony is feeling nervous or aggressive, you could get kicked, or run over, or even bitten. ~ little M

If only we had a lasso of truth… then we would know if Daddy was teasing or telling the truth! ~ little M

When we get to Heaven, and we are perfect, and everything is perfect, I hope that I still have my chest scar. Because I love it. It is so pretty, and it means I am strong, and I hope that never goes away. ~ little M

It’s so disappointing and devastating when we don’t have desert! ~ little M

Ouch, my hand! You sat on it! ~ tiny P
Oh, I’m sorry, P. ~ baby J
It’s ok…It’s ok because I am eating chocolate. And chocolate makes it ok! ~ tiny P

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  1. Renate on August 13, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    Hilarious! Love it.

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