Our P…she is the funniest little kid I know. ~ little M. Hahaha.

Can you message mommy, and ask is I can turn on a show? ~ little M to baby J. Message me? Ha.

I have so many feelings about you right now! ~ little M, unhappy with baby J
Well… I have some feelings, too! ~ baby J
Wait for me guys! I want to have feelings, too! ~ tiny P, running to join the other two

I hope we get some spicy chips! ~ baby J
I hope so too, but not… ~ little M

Did you just LICK me?? ~ me, to tiny P
Yep! Just like a little doggy! ~ tiny P

Fee, fun, fi, fo…I am a monster! ~ tiny P

I AM SUPERGIRL! AND SUPERGIRL DOES NOT SLEEP!!! ~ tiny P, in bed, at nap time, over and over. Bless it.

Is this Jesus singing? ~ tiny P, about a song on the radio.

After I grow up, I will be a teacher, then I will build some houses, then I will be a heart doctor, and then I will drive a bus to take kids to school. I will probably need a map. ~ baby J

Look at that tree! The branches are moving! ~ baby J
I see! If the branches are still, it is normal, but if it’s moving, it is no ordinary branch. That is very out of the ordinary. ~ little M
Or, it just has a squirrel on it. ~ baby J

Mommy, look at those flower, they are pretty just like me! ~ baby J

How was your day? ~ me, to little M
Well. We read about Amelia Earhart…It was interesting, I guess. I really wanted to learn more about brine shrimp, so that was hard. I guess I will just go take a shower, and wash that sadness away. ~ little M

I met a new friend at the park. I was with my class, but I think she was with her parent, or perhaps her guardian. ~ little M

I got a book about dragons today, because I don’t know much about dragons… dragons are not real, but if they were? It would be DIRE. ~ little M. Dire…hahaha.

Do you want some corn? ~ the husband
I can’t think about that until mommy gives me some cheese. ~ tiny P

Pick me up mommy! ~ tiny P. So I did…
Mommy, I just need you to hold me, and never leave me, ok? ~ tiny P, I was on my way out the door to run errands

Riding in the stroller is my job, mommy! I can’t walk! PLEASE, don’t make me walk! ~ tiny P, walking into a store.

Elsa was right…my teacher says you can’t marry a boy you just met, also. ~ little M

You’re funny, P. And also a little whiny. ~ little M, to tiny P

I am a little disappointed that there were no female professionals at career day. Maybe I should write a petition? It’s not good for girls to just have all men…what are they trying to teach us? ~ little M. Bless it.

I am so confused about what to feel! Do I feel giddy with excitement, or disappointed that school is over??! ~ little M

You can’t punch a pirate. You have to use a sword. A shiny one. ~ baby J

I like living on earth. ~ baby J

I am fast. And strong, too. Now…I just need to make smart choices. ~ baby J

One day I hope I am big and fat, just like Santa. ~ baby J
Why do you want to be big and fat? ~ me
I just think it would make me happy. ~ baby J. Me too.

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