Today I am thankful that I have a life span longer than a brine shrimp’s. ~ little M. There you go…

I love election day! Thank you for taking me voting to the primaries, mommy! ~ little M

Goodbye! See you on November eighth! Vote for me in 2046! ~ little M, as we were leaving the room.

Are you voting today? ~ a woman, joking with little M
Umm, no. I am not eighteen. So that would be illegal. ~ little M, VERY seriously.

Mommy, maybe you should start calling me Madam President, just so I can start getting used to it. ~ little M

This is my baby. She just turned three. ~ to a random person who was smiling at tiny P

You are the most precious baby ever! You will always be my precious! ~ baby J to tiny P

P is my favorite in my family…because she always laughs when I am funny. ~ baby J.

I love my girls! Who wants a hug? ~ baby J, after school

You are such a silly girl… ~ me
Yes, I am a little silly…but, you are silly big! ~ tiny P

I think I have to go potty. But first? Chocolate! ~ tiny P. #priorities.

Mommy? I think I gonna torture you all day! ~ tiny P. Fun times…

Mommy (so sweetly, with tiny hands on my cheeks), stop. Your singing kills the babies. ~ tiny P

I hurt my little butt! I fell down so hard, and my little bottom if hurting! ~ tiny P

What a great picture, J! You should be an artist! ~ little M
I AM an artist! Look at this boat! And the whale! ~ baby J

Mommy, daddy and I were talking this morning, and he was quipping, and it was so funny! ~ little M
Quipping? ~me
Yes, quipping, like when you tell a joke. ~ little M

Look, I see a squirrel! ~ little M
Oh, I see it! ~ baby J
Did you like it? ~ little M
Yes, I do like it! I wish we could shoot it and eat it! ~ baby J
Well, you read me a story on your kindle, and they ate squirrel soup. ~ baby J
That’ is only a story, J. You may never eat a real squirrel! ~ little M
Oh. Ok jiejie. ~ baby J. Little M is damaged forever…

P! Don’t step on J’s thorax! ~ little M
Umm, the thorax is part of an insect. ~ me
Well. It’s hard to tell the difference when he is rolling around on the floor like that. ~ little M.

Oh, That’s a good question, J! I love that you love to learn new things! ~ little M

I think every new thing she does is the cutest thing ever…I’m glad we have such a cute baby, and not a boring one. ~ little M. Yes, to the cuteness…but when have we ever met a boring baby?

J. You are filled with energy…maybe you could let some go? ~ little M, to baby J, who is always “filled with energy.”

I’m thinking up good answers to interview questions. ~ our friend, J
Oh! I know about interview questions! Talk about your talents, and where you see yourself in five years. ~ little M. How does she know about interviewing?

P, we don’t yell at J. Use nice words. ~ me
Ok. But. Sometimes, sometimes, I DO yell at J. ~ tiny P. Sometimes.

But I don’t want healthy stuff! I just want to eat olives and chocolate! ~ tiny P. The struggle is real.

I know! Let’s play birds! No, cats! No, monkeys! ~ tiny P. What??

I wish daddy was home. You know what I would do with him? ~ tiny P
What would you do? ~ me
I would start a fire in the fireplace with him. That’s so fun! ~ tiny P. Tiny girl, tiny goals…

I may be a real bad boooy…but baby I’m a reeeaal good man! ~ baby J, singing.

This girl is on FIRE! This girl is on fire…~ baby J, still singing. We are awesome parents.

This is the best day ever! I love New Jersey…It’s where we find our auntie! ~ baby J

Sometimes I can’t sleep. But now I wish I did sleep, because I am so super tired today. ~ baby J

I am so big! And so strong…let me know if you want me to pick you up. ~ baby J. To me. Ha.


  1. Renate on May 13, 2016 at 1:01 am

    Hilarious! Little M is amazing. So smart.

  2. Always wear your tiara on May 13, 2016 at 10:17 am

    I hope you don't ever try and keep a straight face…you would lose that battle.

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