I love today! It is the best because we are all together! I love our family, and this day is so perfect and beautiful. ~ little M
It’s raining. ~ baby J
I know! The love is just pouring down all around us! ~ little M. I guess someone is fine with rain if we are all together.

Well! It is just bustling with energy down here in DC today! ~ little M

I know some things about moss, but I will have to google some more about lichen. ~ little M, while we were taking a walk.

How are you feeling? ~ me, after little M had been sick.
I’m feeling spectacular, mommy, thanks for asking! ~ little M. I guess she got better.

What did you do in art class today? ~ me
I will show you! I made this! ~ baby J
It’s beautiful! I love the colors, how did you make it? ~ me
We used glue, and also salt. And the teacher said we can’t eat it because it could make us sick…so, I only ate a little bit. ~ baby J. Of course he did.

Where were you, J? ~ little M, while we were at a restaurant
I was with daddy, I had to go potty. And know what? I stood up, just like a big man does. Don’t you wish you could do that? ~ baby J
No, I prefer to sit down, and think my thoughts. ~ little M. Thoughts?

I am so strong! I am the strongest! Nothing can hurt…ahh! I think I go a splinter! ~ baby J

Do you want to play? ~ baby J to tiny P
I am sick and tired, and I just need to lay down. ~ tiny P
Ok, here you lay down on the couch here, and put your feet here in my lap, and I will rub them very gently. ~ baby J
Ok, you so nice to me, J. ~ tiny P
It’s because I love you! And look at your little feet! They are so tiny. You are my little tiny precious, and I will always take care of you. You are just my little love. ~ baby J. Ummm, is this not the sweetest??

But WHY I can’t wear my panty to bed? I NEED to wear my panty! ~ tiny P.

I’m hot. No! I’m cold. ~ tiny P. She gets hot and cold mixed up

You look SO beautiful, jiejie! ~ baby J, when little M came downstairs wearing a wonder woman costume, approximately seven necklaces, three pony tails, two sparkly headbands (one with cat ears on it), and high heels.
Thank you, J! ~ little M
You must be feeling very fancy today. ~ baby J
I am feeling fancy every day! ~ little M

You don’t have to give her the toy, J. You had it first. ~ me
I know. I just cannot handle her crying. She has so many big tears! ~ baby J. We’re in trouble…

I don’t know if we need to pack all three of these survival guides… ~ me
Well. Mommy, if we meet a king cobra, and I do not have my survival guide, you will be very sorry! ~ little M. Noted. If we meet a king cobra in the mountains on the east coast, I will wish for a survival guide.

Oh my goodness, I can hardly stand all this cuteness. Her little panties are SO precious, and her little self sitting on the potty is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Look at her tiny little potty! And she fits it so perfectly! ~ little M. Yes, we have begun the potty training process over here. We are still on diuretics, so I expect it to take a while.

Hold my hand to be safe in the parking lot, J. And while we are walking I will tell you ALL about Narwhals. ~ little M

Mommy? ~ tiny P
Yes? ~ me
Where you are? ~ tiny P
In the office. ~ me
Don’t get up. Don’t come in here. I’m not doing anything…don’t come see me. ~ tiny P. Would you get up? Ha.

P, where are you? ~ me
Nothing, I’m not doing anything. ~ tiny P. She bears watching.

I’m peeeeeking at you… ~ tiny P, under the bathroom door.

I just saw flunder! Ahhh! ~ baby J. He saw lightning, but he heard thunder. I don’t correct him, because flunder is my fave.
Yes J, I saw it, too…I do NOT like the look of this storm. ~ little M

Yay, it’s so exciting! Hallelujah hands! ~ baby J, waving his hands in the air for spring break.

Sometimes I think we need more boys in this family. ~ baby J
Well, I don’t know about that. But I do know we need another deaf kid, for sure. And probably they should have a special heart. ~ little M. Ok, then.

I cannot WAIT until I am a big man… ~ baby J

I want to do something with animals, like maybe sea animals… ~ baby J, in a deep conversation with little M about what they want to be when they grow up.
Well, you could be a marine biologist, they study sea animals, and I think they take care of them. ~ little M
Yes, I will be a marine biologist. And a fireman, because they fight fires, and that’s cool. ~ baby J
I want to be an accomplished gymnast, a journalist, an artist, and I also want to be president, of course. ~ little M
Yes! That’s cool, M. ~ baby J
I want to be batman. ~ tiny P. you go, girl.

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