You really shouldn’t kiss someone that you’ve just met, right? ~ little M
NO! You should know them a VERY long time! ~ the husband
Yes, you should get to know them, and maybe eat some soup with them before you kiss them. ~ little M. Seriously, because what if you don’t like how they eat soup??
What kind of questions should you ask to get to know a boy? ~ little M. No…it’s too soon.

May I read some books before I go to bed? ~ little M
Sure, you may read three. ~ me
Ok. Then I require the light to be on, and I will read zero to three books. ~ little M

My brain is just like a folder where I keep all of the things that I need to remember. ~ little M

Yook (look), mommy! What is it? ~ tiny P
It’s a tower. It’s very tall. ~ me
I don’t yike (like) tall towers. ~ tiny P
Why? ~ me
Because. I am not a very good climber. ~ tiny P

My legs are hurting. I need a new battery. ~ tiny P

Guh-guh! Guh-guh!! ~ tiny P
Yes? What is it, sweetie? ~ baby J

I yike this song! ~ tiny P
Yike? What’s a yike? ~ baby J

When I grow up, I am going to be Dr. Martin, and I will be at Children’s hospital, and I will fix all the kid’s hearts, just like my little baby P. ~ baby J

When I am a doctor, I will listen to your heart every day, mommy. And if something is wrong, you can call me, and I will jump on my motorcycle and go very fast and take care of you. ~ baby J

Mommy? My tongue is so wet. ~ baby J. ???

I am so excited, and I can’t stop! I can’t stop being excited!! ~ baby J

Do you want me to read you a book, P, while the sun is going down? ~ little M
Sure! ~tiny P
I just love reading in the sunset… ~ little M

I just want you to play with me. ~ baby J
I’m just not in the mood for crazy right now, J, maybe ask me again later. ~ little M

Mommy, where are you going?! ~ little M
Oh no! I was totally going to our old house. Ugh! ~ me
Oh mommy, what would they say if you went there? ~ baby J
I don’t know what they would say, they would probably be surprised. ~ me
Yes! And mommy, if you went to a house that was not yours, you would probably be on the news! ~ little M

If you talk when it’s not your turn at my school you could get in trouble. ~ little M
What would happen if you get in trouble? ~ baby J
If you keep getting in trouble, then your clip moves to red, and if it’s red, you have to go see the principle. ~ little M
What happens at the principle? ~ baby J
I think she would judge you, and that would be embarrassing. ~ little M

Mommy! It is not acceptable to smack the princess! ~ little M, after I patted her on the bottom

Something not very good happened today. We had a fire drill. ~ little M
You don’t like fire drills? ~ me
No, I do, but we had to stand in the grass, and I saw some brown things that looked like bodily waste from maybe a rabbit or a deer. ~ little M
What’s bodily waste? ~ baby J
It’s poop. ~ little M
Huh. Is that true, mommy? ~ baby J
Why are you asking mommy? You don’t think I know about poop?! ~ little M. And there you go.

Mommy, you have so much humor, it just makes me laugh! I am going to have a hard time going to sleep tonight, because of all the humor in my head, and I will probably just lay awake and giggle. ~ little M

Is it time to eat? All of this happy talking has made me so hungry! ~ little M, at the hospital, after chatting with the nurses.

My belly is hurting…but not my tubie, just my belly. ~ tiny P. Bless.

I need to call my grandma. ~ tiny P, after the grandma left to go back home.

I need a hug! But only from mama! ~ tiny P, when baby J ran to hug her.

Mama! Mama! ~ tiny P
Yes, P? ~ me
Hi mama! ~ tiny P
Hi, baby. ~ me
Mama! Mama! ~ tiny P
Yes, P? ~ me
Hi. mama! ~ tiny P
Hi, baby. ~ me
Mama! Mama! ~ tiny P
Yes, P? ~ me
Come sit by me! I talk to you! ~ tiny P, all day long…

I am a ghost, oooh, ooooh! ~ baby J, playing in the basement with grandma
Oh J, you are making me giggle! ~ little M

Remember I was little, and I got a surgery, and my foot was fixed? ~ baby J
Yes, because your foot was bent a little, and it was hard to walk. ~ little M
Yes, but then it go fixed. ~ baby J
Are you glad you got your foot fixed? ~ little M
Yes! Now I can run. But when I was in China, my foot hurt, and I walked and fell down a lot. Then made me sad, and I got a lot of owies. ~ baby J


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    Oh my goodness! These are my favorite posts.

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