You are very good at sharing! ~ me
Yes. I am. Except my peanuts, because those are private. ~ P
Ummmm. What? ~ me
My peanuts. On my bottom. You know…my peanuts. ~ P
Ohhh. Well, girls don’t have peanuts. Only boys. ~ me
What? Well, what are girl’s peanuts called? ~ P. What a fun conversation to have first thing in the morning, haha.

You know what you’re doing right? If you take all my blood, that would be a problem. ~ J, getting blood work done.

Look at my painting I did at school! Do you like it, or do you love it? ~ J. These are the choices I will give everyone from now on, haha.

We’ve been playing what you want all day. Can we play what I want? ~ J
No. My ideas are more fun. Look at all the fun we’re having! ~ P

So…how do you say “hi” in Pennsylvania? ~ J
You just say hi. They speak english hear too. ~ M

I care about that one atom. Very very little…that’s how much I care about that. ~ M

Do you remember my name? ~ uncle B
There’s a lot of uncles. You guys should wear name tags. ~ M, rolling her eyes.

I got the BEST gifts for everyone. You will all be so surprised! ~ M, after shopping with the husband
Oh, did Daddy get good gifts? What did he get me? ~ me
Mommy! I am not at liberty to say! ~ M

Aaaah!! There’s a spider lurking by our door! Hmmm, I wonder if he’s trying to communicate with me? ~ P

I need assistance! I can’t carry everything! ~ P, taking her school stuff inside.

I am going upstairs to don my unicorn dress…then we can talk. ~ P

I hope all those geese and ducks had a good Christmas season. ~ P, while we were driving past a lake

Of course my daddy loves me…how could he not? ~ P

You look like a predator. ~ P
No I don’t! ~ J
You’re looking at that pig meat just like a predator would. ~ P…we had ham for dinner. Pig meat, haha.

That is super not safe. Try not to kill yourself. Killing yourself on the holidays is the LAST thing we need. ~ M, to J, who was about to jump off a lot of stairs

Look! A police car! ~ J
Mommy? You would think J has never seen a police car before. ~ P

You have such cute nipples! ~P
What? Where? ~ J
On your cheeks. When you smile. ~ P

What are you thinking about? ~me
I’m thinking that if the parent pigs are not around, it would be easy to kill the little pigs and eat them. ~ P, while eating bbq ribs.

What book are you reading? ~ me
It’s about the plague. You can never be too prepared. ~ M.

Look at all those cows! ~ M, driving past a farm
They look bored. ~ M
What? What do cows do for fun? ~ the husband
Umm, I don’t know? I’m not a cow. ~ M

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