P, you are so funny! ~ baby J
Yes, she is quite amusing. ~ little M.

AHHH! It’s a bug! A BUG! A BUGGGG!!! ~ baby J
J, it’s ok, it’s the tiniest bug ever. Don’t freak out! ~ little M
Ummm, I’ll just freak out a little bit. Ok? ~ baby J

Oooh, you look so pretty, P! Just like a princess…are you a little princess? ~ little M
No. I am a QUEEN! ~ tiny P. True dat.

If we have another kid, I think we should either have a boy named Quasi, or a girl named Ally or Leelee. ~ little M. WHAT?!

Mommy, what does “require” mean? ~ little M
It means you need something. ~ me
Oh. I require a pony! That means I have to have it. ~ little M. Good use of the word in a sentence, baby girl.

You are a remarkable brother, J. ~ little M
What does that mean? ~ baby J
It means you are so good that I notice! ~ little M

Mommy, they have a vacuum here for you!  ~baby J, at the lakehouse we rented. A vacuum… yay, because I was already missing mine. Weirdo…

Mommy? ~ baby J
Yes? ~ me
I’ll be sad when you die. ~ baby J. Okay then.

We have a lot to do today? ~ baby J
Yes, but first we have to go to the pharmacy. ~ me
Alright, let’s do this, baby! ~ baby J

Whew! I am a tired little baby! ~ tiny P

I sit with you! We watching JieJie. ~ tiny P, sitting with the husband to watch little M in the lake.
She swimming…she’s a good swimmer! ~ the husband
Yeah. Like a mermaid. ~ tiny P

Yay, mommy! Good job feeding yourself! ~ tiny P. Guess what she hears a lot?

I miss J when he’s swimming. ~ little M
I’m right here, jiejie! ~ baby J
I know, but I was telling mommy something. ~ little M. ???

What are you doing? That is irritating! ~ little M
I’m just giving you a little tickle! ~ baby J
Umm, you need to stop. ~ little M
You don’t like a little tickle? ~ baby J
It’s just that it’s not the proper way to treat a princess, J. ~ little M

I will tell you a joke. There was a bug on the ground, and I walked on him and stomped him. And he died. Hahahaha! ~ baby J
Uhhhh. Good joke? ~ the husband
It’s funny because the bug dies. ~ baby J. Someone doesn’t like bugs…

Oh, she’s naked. Someone needs to give her a warm hug. ~ baby J, while I was dressing tiny P

I’m just pretending. ~ baby J
What are you pretending? ~ me
I’m pretending you are a grownup. ~ baby J. Ha!!

Do you want me to do your makeup, P? ~ little M
YES! Yes please! ~ tiny P
Ok, I can’t do your lipstick, because we can’t share lipstick. ~ little M
Why no lipstick? ~ tiny P
Because of germs… you know. So you won’t be super beautiful, but you will still look good. ~ little M
Ok! ~ tiny P 

Hi, little friend…don’t be sad! ~ random phlebotomist we don’t know at the hospital
You NOT my friend! ~ tiny P. She was right.

Oh, you have gold shoes on, P! You are like a princess! ~ little M
NO! ~ tiny P
You don’t want to be a princess? ~ little M
No. I like to be queen. ~ tiny P

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