Uh oh, mommy, that baby crying!! I sink he needs noodles! ~ tiny P, hearing a baby cry in a doctor waiting room.

Oooh, hash brown!! Yummy! ~ tiny P, after she found a bit of hash brown tucked into the crook of her arm after breakfast, and popping it in her mouth.

Look at that water mountain! ~ Tiny P, when we drove past a water fountain

What is he doing? ~ little M, looking at baby J, while standing in line at a store
I don’t know. Dancing? ~ tiny P, also looking at baby J
I AM dancing! I am feeling this music, I feel it in my body, mommy! ~ baby J, flailing all around, whilst still in line at the store, drawing ALL of the attention from ALL of the people around us…

Daddy, heads are just like coconuts. ~ baby J
Um, ok? ~ the husband.

It’s getting dark, I think. ~ baby J
That’s because the sun is setting. ~ little M
Where does it set? Is it sitting on the street? ~ baby J

What time is it on your clock? ~ baby J, to a nurse at the hospital
It’s ten am. ~ nurse
Oh! I love ten am! That’s my favorite time! ~ baby J

Oh my goodness, mommy, those glasses are just perfect for her! She looks like a tiny little rock star! ~ little M, putting her sunglasses on tiny P

LOOK! THAT SUNSET IS BEAUTIFUL! It’s SO pretty, I should have my pencils and my journal with me so I can draw how beautiful it is. I JUST CAN’T STAND IT!!! ~ little M. It was a pretty sunset.

J, will you stop talking? I am trying to keep an eye out for cemeteries, and statues of important dead people! ~ little M, driving through DC. Weirdo.

Look at P! She is dressed up as a doctor! She is a tiny, little, baby doctor! ~ little M

I just did a lot of running! It hurt my feelings in my belly! ~ baby J

Why did you break my lego house, J?! ~ little M
I don’t know. I’m sorry. ~ baby J
But why would you do it? How would it make you feel if I broke your house? ~ little M
Not good, I’m sorry, jie jie. ~ baby J
I am just SO disappointed. ~ little M
I AM SORRY! Do you want me to make a lego house, so you can break it? ~ baby J

It’s time for your medicine. ~ me
Lasix first? ~ tiny P
Yes, lasix first. ~ me
Lasix is super yucky! But my diuril is not so yucky. ~ tiny P

Doctor say I have to take this medicine? ~ tiny P
Yes, you have to take it to make you healthy and strong. ~ me
I not crying. I brave and strong. ~ tiny P

That tea, mommy? ~ tiny P
Yes, mommy is drinking tea. ~ me.
Oh, it yucky? Like medicine? ~ tiny P
No, it’s not yucky, it’s pretty good. ~ me
Oh. That tea not yucky? It good for you! It makes big happy for you! ~ tiny P. Big happy. Ha.

Ooooh, I love my family! I could just squeeze all of you! ~ baby J, after he had been quiet in the car for a few minutes.

There’s a bird! Maybe he will come to our bird feeder and eat our bird seed! ~ baby J
No, J. That’s a Washington DC bird. It won’t come to Maryland just to eat our bird seed. ~ little M
Oh. ~ baby J

Mommy, why does everybody want to steal his girl? ~ baby J
What? ~ me
In the song, he sings everybody wanna steal my girl…why do they want to steal her? Baby J, about a song on the radio.
Oh…I think it just means that everybody likes his girl. ~ me
Well. If somebody try to steal my girl, I will stab them wif my sword. ~ baby J
Who is your girl? ~ me
You are, mommy! ~ baby J. Awww.

Oh no! It might rain! Does that mean I can’t play in the sprinkler? That would be DEVASTATING! ~ little M. Such drama…

Do you know any ninjas, daddy? ~ little M

She’s not my best friend… ~ little M
Why is she not your best friend? ~ baby J
She pulled on my arm too hard, and it hurt me. ~ little M
She hurt you?! ~ baby J
Just a little.  ~ little M
I will put her in a box, and tape up the box, and put it in the water. I will save the day for you, jie jie! ~ baby J
Well, I don’t think we need to drown her… ~ little M
I don’t like people to hurt my sister. ~ baby J. Being so protective is sweet…the premeditated murder is not so sweet.

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