I see you, mama Joanna! ~ tiny P, from her crib. First thing in the morning.

You aren’t crying! ~ the tech drawing tiny P’s blood
No. I wewy brave. ~ tiny P
You are SO brave! How about your brother, is he brave, too? ~ the tech
No. He not. He cry a lot. ~ tiny P
No, I do not! I AM brave! Just not about things that are scary or things that hurt! ~ baby J. True words…

I am good at popping these bubbles! ~ little M, with some bubble wrap
I am good, too! ~ baby J
Yes, you are a popping boy! ~ little M
I wish I was a popping man…but I am just a boy. ~ baby J. Deep thoughts.

What are you doing with all of those papers, J? You should go put them away. ~ little M
I can’t, M! I made them all for you, because I was missing you! ~ baby J
Hmm, that’s a lot of pictures, you must have missed me a lot! ~ little M

How was school today? ~ me, to little M
It was good, and now I have a lot of stories, and a lot of questions to tell you! ~ little M. She did…

When I grow up, I am going to work hard, and I will have a lot of money, and I will put all my money in my truck, and go buy toys, and take them all to Children’s hospital for all the kids. ~ baby J. Bless his sweet little heart.

What is that red thing on your knee? ~ me, to baby J
What? Oh, it’s playdoh. ~ baby J
Oh, did you play with play doh in speech class today? ~ me
Nope. ~ baby J. ????

I am four, but on August 21 I will be five, and after that I will grow to be six, and then I will have giant teeth! ~ baby J, talking to the neighbors

Do people have meat? ~ baby J
Well, meat is made of muscle, so everyone has some meat, I guess. ~ little M
P, you are a little meat, and crocodiles loves to eat meat! ~ baby J
No, I not! No eat me, I yucky! ~ tiny P

What’s your favorite animal, P? ~ the husband
Mr. cuddles! ~ tiny P. Mr. cuddles is a rabbit in a kid’s show. Ha.

What do you know about llamas, M? ~ baby J
I know they have padded feet. ~ little M
Why? ~ baby J
Hmmm…I will have to use my big brain to think about that. ~ little M

Who are you talking to, J? ~ me, to baby J, on a play phone
I am talking to my boy daddy. ~ baby J

Hello, painter man! ~ baby J, to the painters at our house. It’s too bad that boy is so shy…ha!

It’s ok, J. Those are tiny little bugs, they won’t hurt you. ~ me, to baby J, while he was freaking out over a bug outside…
Well, except some bugs might be small and poisonous… and those bugs can kill you. ~ little M. Not helpful.

Mama, where are you? Your babies are hungry! ~ little M

She is just so cute…couldn’t you watch her all day? ~ little M, about tiny P

Good morning, mama… ~ tiny P, as soon as she wakes up in the morning.
Good morning, baby. ~ me
I haffa get up! My bottle all gone! I need rice! ~ tiny P. It’s a lot first thing in the morning…

Oh, whop! ~ tiny P. Whop, instead of whoops. I love it.

She’s laughing because I am so funny. I don’t even have to try hard, and I’m hilarious. ~ little M

YAY!!!! That’s so exciting, this is the best day! ~ little M, after I gave her a bag of jelly bellies.

Why do you think the mom and dad were so sad when they didn’t know where Rapunzel was? ~ little M, after watching Tangled.
Well, how would we feel if someone took P? We would miss her! ~ the husband
Oh. Yes, I would fill the house up with tears, because I love her so much. ~ little M. Bless.

Bunga, bunga! ~ baby J, instead of cowabunga

I am giving you this flower because I love you! And you love me too! ~ baby J

We can’t kiss people on the lips, J. Not until you grow up and get married. ~ little M
When I get big, I am going to marry a lot of girls, and I am going to kiss all their faces all the time! ~ baby J
Ugh. Not me, I am not getting married, I don’t want anyone kissing my perfect, precious lips, and getting their germs on me. ~ little M. She might be taking this germ thing too far… and also, baby J might be heading for a life of polygamy.


  1. Brianna Wachter on May 22, 2015 at 1:39 am

    Haha! You're kids are awesome! Laughing so hard about that last quote…Aedan is concerned about the whole germ sharing in marriage issue as well…we assured him he would get over that soon enough 😉

  2. Always wear your tiara on May 22, 2015 at 10:23 am

    My almost 13 year old refuses to kiss ANYONE, in case there is spit contamination. Little M is apparently on to somehting. I love these \”heard\” posts the best.

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