Did you miss me while I was at school, J? ~little M
Yes, jiejie! I am glad you are home! ~baby J
I know! I am so much fun! ~little M

M? What are you doing? Hurry up! ~me
This bathroom is so beautiful, I just want to take my time…you can’t rush this bathroom, mommy. ~little M, in a restaurant bathroom.

You know what mommy? This is thrilling. ~little M, at a butterfly exhibit.

I can’t reach the paper towels! ~baby J
Here, I’ll get one for you. ~ me
Oh, thank you mommy! You’re a sweet girl! ~baby J

Will you hug me? ~baby J
I would be happy to! ~me
Yay! Now we are friends! ~baby J

Did you have fun swimming? ~me
Yes, I had fun at the pool! Daddy gave me a puggy ride! ~baby J
A piggy back ride? ~me
Yes! a puggy back ride! ~baby J. Puggy…Ha.

Are you ok? ~me, helping tiny P up.
I fall down! Get an owie! ~tiny P
I’m sorry. Do you want a hug! ~me
No, I owie bottom… you kiss it, mommy! ~tiny P. I didn’t.

Are you all done eating? ~the husband, feeding tiny P
No, daddy… I talking mommy right now. ~tiny P. So SO much sass…

That one yucky, that one yucky, that one not so yucky… ~tiny P, lining up all her meds

I buh-ladd? ~tiny P, at the doctor.
No, not today. ~me
I buh-ladd! I do! ~tiny P
You don’t have to get blood today, baby girl, there’s not owies today. ~me
 No buh-ladd? I no stickers? ~tiny P. She just wants to get blood so she can get stickers. We got her some stickers.

Aaagghhh! ~tiny P
What are you yelling about now? ~little M
MOMMYDADDY!! ~tiny P. She’s super loud
Oh no! They’re kissing faces! ~baby J

After the bell cracked, it never rang again. ~me, reading about the liberty bell
It never rang again? That’s it’s only job…that is so sad. ~little M

What are you doing? ~tiny P
My homework. ~little M
Oh. What are you doing? ~tiny P
My homework. ~little M
Oh. What are you doing? ~tiny P
Ugh. ~little M

Daddy will be my matey, mommy can hold the steering wheel, you can be the pirate princess, and I will be the captain. ~baby J
Why do I always have to be the princess? I would make a good captain. ~little M
But I always have to be the captain. ~baby J
I’m going to have my own ship where I will be the captain. And I’m going to have more cannons. ~little M

Can I help you build it? ~baby J
No. ~tiny P
But I just want to help you. ~baby J
No. ~tiny P
I am trying to help! ~baby J
No! No mean no! ~tiny P.

Are my swords still in time out? ~baby J
Yes, until I know that they won’t stab anyone in the eye. ~me
What about only in the belly? ~baby J. Ummm, no?

You si-wy! Si-wy, si-wy, si-wy! ~tiny P to little M
Yes. I suppose I am silly… ~little M

You guys doing? ~tiny P to little M and baby J
We’re coloring. Do you want to color with us? Here, I will get you some paper. ~little M
Oh, thank you! You so nice, jiejie! ~tiny P

You know what I love? Cleaning! Can I help? ~baby J
Sure, here, I will give you these towels, and you can dust. ~me
Yay! This is going to be so fun, mommy! ~baby J. I hope he always loves to clean like that.

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