Did you buy these sandals for me? ~baby J
Yes! ~me
Because you love me? ~baby J
Yes, buddy. ~me
Good! I love you, too! ~baby J

Hello, everybody! Here I am! ~baby J, every time he enters a room, even at school.

Stop licking the wall/floor/me/your sister/the table/the toys. ~ me, to baby J. All. Day. Long. Why?

We do not lick shoes. ~baby J
No, that would be gross. ~ me
Yeah. It’s a rule at school, too. ~baby J. I wonder who they made that rule for?

Look! My shadow coming off! ~tiny P. She meant her sunshade, in the car. Ha.

Mama! Baby uppa down! ~tiny P. Instead of upside down.

It’s time for your medicine. ~me
It’s yucky. ~tiny P
I know, you’re so brave. ~me
No tank you, mommy. I have a chocolate, pwease? ~tiny P. One of her new meds makes her throw up, poor thing…

Oh, what’s that noise? ~tiny P, about every single noise, everywhere, all day long.

It’s almost Spring! I just want to roll around in the grass while the flowers bloom all beautiful all around me! ~little M. No drama there…

Will you help me build a castle with legos? ~baby J
Sure! We should make a tall tower! ~ little M
Ok! Let’s put this flag on top! ~baby J
That’s perfect, J! You’re a genius! ~little M
Yes, I AM a genie bus! ~baby J. Genie bus…dying.

Will you marry me? ~baby J to little M
No. I want to marry Darren. ~ little M. Darren is our next door neighbor.
Um, Darren is already married, M. ~ me
Oh. Ok, J, I will marry you, but I am not kissing you, and don’t touch me too much. Just do what I say, ok? ~little M
Ok, M! I will do what you say! ~baby J

Could you pause that? ~little M, while we were talking.
Pause what? ~ me
Your talking. I have to go potty, and I don’t want to miss any of your words. ~ little M. Presh…

What’s that? ~tiny P
It’s a jelly bean! ~me
Oh! (after eating it) A yummy bean! ~tiny P

Uppa, pwease! ~tiny P. Beyond precious…
Oh! Hi, mommy! ~tiny P. After I pick her up. After she JUST asked me to.

I’m a big boy, right mommy, not a baby. ~baby J
Yes, but you’re still my baby boy. ~me
Okay, mommy, that’s fine. ~baby J
I baby! I little tiny baby! I mommy’s little baby P! ~tiny P. Yeah you are, baby girl.

Oh no, mommy, my shoe! ~tiny P
What’s wrong? Is it coming off? ~me, moving to check her shoe.
Hi mommy! ~tiny P, after I pick her up.
What’s wrong with your shoe? ~me
My shoe! ~tiny P, holding up her foot.
Yes, is something wrong with it? ~me
Oh, I don’t know! ~tiny P. Hmm…well played, little girl. Well played.

I’m going to tell you all about Paul Revere… let me think, it’s right on the tick of my tongue. ~little M. The “tick” of her tongue. She might get made fun of at school, but I can’t bring myself to correct that!

I am going to build us a house, M, and I will make it out of bricks, so it will be strong. ~baby J
Bricks are very heavy, J, I don’t know if you will be able to lift them and make a house. ~little M
I am super strong! ~baby J
Aww, I don’t know if little guys like you are super strong… maybe if you eat a lot of veggies? ~little M
Yes! I will eat veggies, and then I will be werry, werry, werry, strong! ~baby J
Ok, that sounds like a good plan, buddy. ~ little M

What do you think? ~me
I think it delicious! Almost as good as if I made it myself! ~ little M, about a shepherd’s pie I got for her. This is her new favorite food…

How was the circus? ~me
Good! We saw a pegasus! ~the husband
Daddy! Ugh, first, Pegasize are not real, and also, you could see the wings wobbling. It wasn’t even a good pretend pegasize! ~little M. Her ire was more funny because she insists on calling pegasus “pegasize.”

Hey everyone, the boy is still eating! Don’t leave! ~baby J, after dinner…he is always the last one done.

Yay! M, we are going to eat sushi! It’s going to be so yummy, I just love it! ~baby J. Ah, the enthusiasm. Also, there is no such thing as a budget meal anymore, these kids can put away some serious food.

Daddy, veggables and fruits make you grow bigger? ~baby J
Yes. ~ the husband
What makes trees grow bigger? ~baby J
Water and sunshine… ~the husband
You know what will make me grow bigger? Chicken nuggets, and lots of mysagna (lasagna). ~baby J

Are you tired? ~me
I don’t think I’m tired, mommy. I didn’t yawnk. ~ baby J. Well, if you didn’t “yawnk”…


  1. Renate on April 7, 2015 at 12:52 am

    Beyond cute!

  2. a portland granny on April 7, 2015 at 6:05 pm

    I so enjoy your blog–mostly because you are so thrilled with your littles!! They are adorable and I look forward to my email daily for your posts. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. For this 82 year old grandma, I just love reading about your Mama journey. Sure wish I could live near you and get toknow your little family!!I adore children!!Blessings

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