Teef? You have teef, daddy? ~ tiny P

Yep, I have teeth. Do you have teeth? ~ the husband
No. No teef. ~ tiny P. Poor thing…

Mommy? Are happy you? ~ tiny P
Yes, I am happy! ~ me
Yay! I happy too! ~ tiny P

Here I am, mommy! I am a fairy, and I am here to make your wish come true! What would you like to wish for? ~ little M
Umm… I wish for Spring. ~ me
Hmm. Ok, mommy. That will take just a couple months, but your wish will come true. You’re welcome! ~ little M. She’s a practical little fairy.

Mommy, what can I do to help you clean? ~ little M. She’s a helper now, and I love it.

Mommy, I have made you a shopping list… All of these are ingredients for the meals I want to make. ~ little M, going through her cookbook
What are you going to make? ~ me
I am planning to make lasagna, stuffed potatoes, and hummus. ~ little M. Oh my.

You two cheeks! ~ tiny P
Yes, I have two cheeks. Please stop touching them, ~ little M
Aww…only one nose! ~ tiny P
Yes. that’s actually a good thing. ~ little M

Ahh! Ahhh!!! ~ tiny P
Why are you yelling? ~ me
Pants go off! ~ tiny P. Her pants fell down. Also, she is loud.

Mommy! Uh oh! Helpa me! HELPA ME! ~ tiny P
What’s the matter? Are you ok? ~ me, running into the next room.
My bow! My bow fall out! ~ tiny P. Her hair bow fell out. For real. Serious business.

Mama! Where are you??? ~ tiny P, covering her eyes.

Oooh, booberries! ~ tiny P, popping one in her mouth.
NOT booberries. ~ tiny P, spitting it back out.
It’s a grape. ~ me
Oh. A grape. Ok. ~ tiny P, popping it back in her mouth.

Who made this mess? ~ me
It was P! ~ little M
Yeah, I think it was P. ~ baby J
ME!!! ~ tiny P

What are you doing? ~ me, to the girls
I am measuring our chest scars to see who’s is longest. ~ little M, with a tape measure
Oh. ~ me. Of course she is.

Mommy, that was my friend, G! At the hospital, can you believe it? ~ little M, after we ran into someone she knows at Children’s hospital.
I can’t believe it! I wonder why she is here? ~ me
Oh mommy, I was too astonished, and I forgot to ask ~ little M

I asked G why she was at the hospital, and she has a lump on her neck that is going to get taken out in March. ~ little M
Wow. Well, it was nice to see her, maybe we’ll see her again when we’re there. ~ me
OH! I forgot to ask if she was going to be inpatient or outpatient. ~ little M. Only a kid with lots of medical issues…

I am extra, extra, extra, extra angry! ~ baby J
Ok. I am still not going to play with you right now. ~ little M
If I was a hunk back whale, I would bite you right now! ~ baby J
Hmmm. That does sound pretty serious. ~ little M. She still didn’t play with  him. Also… hunk back whale made me giggle.

Ring around the rosie, pick a lot of posies… ~ baby J, singing in the car

Mommy, am I pretty? ~ baby J
Yes? ~ me
But… I don’t have a princess crown. ~ baby J
You’re still beautiful, buddy! God made you perfect and pretty! ~ little M

I love you, family!! ~ baby J, throwing his arms around little M and the husband

Hold on, sassy pants, let me open the paper first… ~ little M to tiny P. Sassy pants…right on.

I am not just a fairy that makes all your dreams come true. I am also a warrior fairy that protects all the people I love. ~ little M. Bless.


  1. Paula on March 1, 2015 at 3:24 am

    Love these posts! You will look back on these posts years from now and be thankful you took the time to write their fun sayings and expressions down. Tiny P blows me away with how quickly she has picked up the language! Love it!

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