I am loving this! I am loving these tickles! ~ baby J

It’s on ahind you! ~baby J
On hind you? ~me
No! on ahind YOU!! ~baby J, on ahind you is behind you. I don’t correct it because it’s the cutest.

I have such a big love for you right now! ~ baby J, when I gave him some chocolate

Look at all those books! ~ little M, talking about a picture in a book
That IS a lot! ~ me
If I had that many, I would get me some book fever! ~ little M

I just love shepherd food! Maybe even more than rice…we should learn how to make shepherd food so we can eat it every week! ~ little M. She was talking about shepherd’s pie a friend brought us

I don’t love these noodles, but mysonga is my favorite! ~ baby J. Mysonga is lasagna.

Mommy, do you want to watch me dance? It will probably be the most beautiful dance you’ve ever seen! ~ little M

The tower tells the airplanes when they can land. ~ the husband
Why, daddy? ~ little M
Well, what would happen if all the planes tried to land at once? ~ the husband
Disaster! ~ little M

Oh no! Where is my ortica? ~ baby J. Ortica is a toy orca. Ortica. Ha.

Hmmm. I think she’s feeling extra sassy today, huh mommy? ~ little M, about tiny P.

Mommy, P is making a bad choice… ~ baby J
Guh-guh! you no talk mama P! You stop ~ tiny P. I think this is the equivalent of “don’t tattle on me!”

LITTLE BUDDY!! I have asked you seventeen times to stop touching my neck! If I have to ask you eighteen times, I will NOT be happy! ~ little M. Don’t be fooled by her words, she was already unhappy, ha.

What is this? ~ baby J
It’s meatloaf. ~ me
It’s not my favorite. ~ baby J
Did you try it? ~ me
…tries it…
I love this! It is my favorite! ~ baby J. great.

I made this special drawing for you mommy! ~ little M
I love all the colors! What is it? ~ me
Well…it can be whatever you want it to be, mommy! ~ little M

My teeth are going to fall out, mommy? Like Jie Jie? ~baby J
When you’re older, your teeth will come out, and big ones will come in. ~me
When Jie Jie is seven, she will have big teeth? ~ baby J. I guess that is confusing, since he has never known little M with front teeth!

Do you know how I know grandma loves me? She lets me take a bath all the time…a long one! ~ little M

Why do you need lotion, daddy? ~ little M
My hands are dry. ~ the husband
Like a tortoise? ~ ~ little M. It was…just like a tortoise.

Mommy, next time I got sweaty, and I took off my sweater. ~ baby J. next time always means last time.

When I am bigger, I am going to drink coffee. ~ baby J
Ok. When you’re bigger, you can! ~ me
With mocha, and cream, and ice! That’s my favorite! ~ baby J. Maybe he sees me at Starbucks too much?

Mommy!! Where ahh ooo? ~ tiny P. I was across the room, and she was looking at me.


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