Will you fix my watcher? ~ baby J
What?? ~ me
My watcher. Here it is! ~ baby J. A watcher is a watch.

What time is it? ~ baby J, ten million times a day, on account of the new “watcher”

You are not a proper princess, you are just a regular boy. ~ little M to baby J
Yep! A regular boy! ~ baby J

I love snow! ~ baby J
No! No love snow! EEEucky! ~ tiny P

Uh oh, mommy! Uh oh! ~ tiny P, when she looked out the window to see snow.
What’s the matter? ~ me
Mess! BIG MESS! Where car go? ~ tiny P. She was so not a fan of snow. And the car was under the snow.

Mommy! I crackers? Peath? ~ tiny P
No, I am making you noodles right now. ~ me
Oh no! Mommy! I crackers! tiny P. She’s a sassy one!

Oh, coconuts. ~ tiny P, after she dropped her bottle. She likes watching a Disney pirate show, ha.

Mommy, the trees are happy! ~ baby J
They look happy? ~ me
Yes, the wind is making them dance, and dancing is happy! ~ baby J

J? Where’s J? ~ me
I don’t know… I think he disappeared. Like a ghost. ~ little M

For Halloween this year, daddy can be captain hook and you can be smee! ~ baby J
Umm, I don’t know if I want to be Smee… ~ me
Oh. I’m sorry, it’s already done. ~ baby J. We’ll just see about that.

I am sick! ~ baby J
I know! I’m sorry you are sick. ~ me
It’s so sad… I do not love being sick. ~ baby J

Ouch! ~ the husband, after little M pinched his nipple.
Oh! What happened? ~ Little M
You pinched me! ~ the husband
Well, my fingers just needed something to pinch. ~ little M

I’ve got to get out there and shovel some snow! Like a good neighbor! ~ little M

There is a trick to being a mermaid… to survive on land you have to walk like a human, but you have to remember in your head that you are really a mermaid. Ok, mommy? It’s just like being a queen… when I go to school no one knows that I am the queen, but I know it in my head. ~ little M. Okay, then.

Mommy, I think I figured out how to grow you some wings! But it’s going to take some chemicals… is that something you would like, or no? ~ little M. What???

I think I am getting sick. ~ little M
Why? Do you not feel well? ~ me
I am fine right now, but a boy at school coughed next to me, so I will be sick tomorrow. I told him all about germs though, so next time he will cover his mouth. ~ little M. I just bet she did.

Can we go to the makeup store? ~ little M, at the mall
Sure, I guess so. ~ me
Great! I need some eye sparkles, because right now I don’t look like a proper princess. ~ little M

Oh! I’ll come sit by you! ~ baby J to little M
Ahhh! No! You have germs! Don’t let your germs on me! ~ little M. Baby J was a little under the weather this week, and little M always worries about getting sick.

Do not kiss or hug the girls right now, J, you are sick and we don’t want to give them germs. ~ me
But I love to hug them and kiss them! ~ baby J
I know, but if they get sick, it will be sad because P has to go to the hospital soon. ~ me
Oh. Well, not kissing makes me so sad. ~ baby J

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