Did you have fun with daddy? ~ me, after the husband took baby J to a boat show.
Yes! We looked at a LOT of boats, and I fink we walked a fousand miles. ~ baby J. A fousand…that’s a lot.

I fell down! ~ baby J, after throwing himself on the ground. I think it’s a strange boy thing.
Oh! Ah you ok? ~ tiny P
Yes! Thank you! ~ baby J
You fall down? ~ tiny P
Yes… you want me to do it again? ~ baby J
No. ~ tiny P

Oh J, that was a bad choice. Did it hurt? ~ little M, after baby J jumped off the stairs and landed on his face.
Yes. It did hurt! ~ baby J
Well. If only there was something in your head that could tell you not to do things that might hurt. ~ little M. Yes… if only. Ha.

I like your boat, J. ~ little M, drawing together…
Thanks! It’s name is the Wahwy woger. ~ baby J

I love you. mommy! ~ little M
I love you, too! ~ me
And J, too? ~ baby J
Yes, and J too. ~ me
No! Not J. Love P. ~ tiny P. She’s going to be trouble…

Can you do me a favor? ~ little M
Yes! I love to do you favors? ~ baby J
Can you back up? You’re really crowding me. ~ little M
Oh. That’s the favor? ~ baby J. Clearly he won’t be doing any more favors…

Are you a princess? ~ baby J, to little M
What do you think? ~ little M
I think you are! ~ baby J
You would be right. ~ little M

Ahoy, matey! I see Christmas straight ahead! ~ baby J, while we were at Target to pick out a little tree for his room.

J, you are such a handsome man! ~ little M, to baby J
Thank you! You too! ~ baby J

Did you hear that noise? ~ baby J
Umm, yes? ~ me
It was my bottom! ~ baby J. Swell.

What are you guys doing in there? ~ me, to the kids who were supposed to be cleaning their rooms.
We cleaned, and now we are just playing. ~ little M
I hope you aren’t making a mess. ~ me
Yeah. Me too. ~ little M What?

Why is she crying? ~ the husband
I gave her a broken cracker… ~ me, feeding tiny P. Who likes broken crackers?

That’s my toy! Don’t touch it, please! ~ baby J, to tiny P

She’s just so curious! Be super patient to her! ~ little M

What did you do with baby Jesus? ~ me, looking at the nativity in little M’s room.
He’s hanging out with my kitty and the furby. ~ little M
You know mommy, he can’t be in the nativity until Christmas day, anyways, because that’s when He was born. So he has time to hang out and visit. ~ little M. Alrighty, then.

I’m freezing… let’s make some hot chocolate! ~ me
That’s a splendid idea, mommy! Let’s do that everyday! ~ little M. Splendid!

Daddy, if you were a giant pupusa I would eat you! ~ little M

Good job, guys! The tree looks so pretty! ~ me, after decorating the tree
Yes! Now can we open presents?? ~ baby J

You know what I need in this life, mommy? ~ little M
What do you need? ~ me. In this life?
A duck. ~ little M
What? ~ me
It will teach me responsibility! I will have to take care of it, and it will be my job! ~ little M
I am not sure we can have a duck at our house. ~ me
Well, we can check. And also I will need a book about how to take care of ducks, because I don’t know anything about them. ~ little M. If you see her and she tells you she is getting a duck, don’t encourage this!! It’s crazy talk!


  1. Unknown on December 13, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    Just so cute as always! Tiny P talks? Wow smart girl. No duck? How about a horse? Ha

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