Oooh, we have cake? Cake is my fave! You know what’s not my fave? Pie. ~ little M. Well. There you go.

All my teeth are just popping right out of my head! ~ little M, after she lost her SIXTH tooth.

Why do I have to take a bath? I don’t think I need one… ~ little M
You just have to. Maybe your armpits are getting stinky? ~ me, joking…
Mommy! Princesses do NOT have stinky armpits! ~ little M, complete with indignant gasping and hands on her hips.

We are getting SO much junk foods! Halloween is the best day of my life! ~ little M

It’s raining! It’s a bad storm! ~ baby J
It’s just a regular storm, J. It’s not like it is hailing. ~ little M
What’s hailing? ~ baby J
A hailstorm is much worse than a rainstorm. A hailstorm is a storm that is super stormy. ~ little M
Oh. ~ baby J. What else can you say?

How will we get the splinter out? ~ little M
I will use tweezers, and pull it right out. ~ me
Tweezers? Is that what you use to take out your hairs that are not the right color? ~ little M
Yes. The gray hairs? ~ me
The gray hairs??? That’s just like grandpa! You should keep yours, and then you can be gray hair twins! ~ little M.

I could make a poem about this day… I love leaves. Big and small, I love them all! ~ little M. Good poem, baby girl.

I just saw a girl deer! Aww, it was so precious! ~ little M.

If I was a mosquito, I would be a super nice one. What would you call me if I was a mosquito? ~ little M. I don’t know?

I like everything. I like my hair, I like my body, I like my eyes, I like my heart. I like everything in the world! ~ little M

Is a worm a nocturnal animal? ~ little M, from the back of the car, at random.

Do you want to know what I want to be now, when I grow up? Instead of a paleontologist, or maybe also, I want to be a historian. I will know all of the history, and maybe I will write a book. Or two. ~ little M. Awesome. Can’t wait to see what next week’s career goals are.

Mommy, guess what? ~little M
It’s raining! ~ baby J
Yes, thunder stealer, that’s what I was going to say. Ugh! ~ little M. I love the term “thunder stealer” but I’m pretty sure she didn’t hear that from me.

I LOVE eating! ~ baby J

I LOVE my house! ~ baby J

I LOVE my toys! ~ baby J. He loves almost everything.

What is that? ~ baby J
It’s oil. I am using it for salad dressing. ~ me
Oh. I do not love oil ~ baby J. Almost everything.

When you got married, did you have to kiss? ~ little M
You mean at our wedding? ~ me
Yes. Did you kiss? Did you kiss on the lips? ~ little M
Ummm, yes? ~ the husband
Ugh! I am NOT kissing a boy on the lips! We will just not kiss at my wedding. ~ little M
Maybe you will like it when you get older… maybe there will be a boy you want to kiss. ~ the husband
Hmm. Maybe Howard. When we are old. We will have to think about it for a long time, and make sure we are very healthy, so we don’t spread any germs. ~ little M. Yes…think about it for a loooong time, ha!

You have cupcake and stuff all over your face. ~ me
I know! I have a dirty mouth because of all the Fall festival partying I was doing. ~ little M

Can we make a boat? ~ baby J
We could try and make one out of boxes, maybe. ~ me
Yes! Let’s do that! It won’t be easy, mommy. ~ baby J
You think it will be hard? ~ me
Yes! Boats are hard work, so we better start soon. ~ baby J

What’s wrong with P? Why is she making that face? ~ little M
I think she doesn’t like the wind blowing on her. ~ me
Yes! That’s EXACTLY what her face is saying! Good job reading her expression, mommy! ~ little M
Thank you. ~ me

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