Let’s play with some bubbles! ~ little M
Bubbles? ~ baby J
Yes J, bubbles. Bubbles are a sphere that pops. You like them. ~ little M
Oh. Otay. ~ baby J

JieJie? What happened? Are you dead? ~ baby J, to little M, who was lying on the floor with her eyes closed.
No, J. You hurt me…and that is much worse than dead. ~ little M
Oh. Oops. ~ baby J

I need a chop-o-chino! ~ baby J
A what? ~ me
A coffee! ~ baby J

Mamma! P is smiling! I made her smile! ~ baby J. Sweet boy.

What is wrong with my bottom? ~ baby J
Is something wrong? ~ me, dreading the answer.
Oh. no, I guess it just has an itch. ~ baby J. Phew. Could have been much worse.

Make a good choice, make a good choice, make a good choice, make a good choice! ~ baby J, in the living room…wonder what he was up to?

Dear God, thank you that you will take care of my sister until her heart is fixed, and thank you that we have her home, and thank you for giving me my perfect baby sister. ~ little M, praying before dinner.

What are you doing? ~ me, to little M, who was staring at the ceiling.
I’m thinking. In my brain. ~ little M

Where are you? ~ me, looking for little M
I’m in the bathroom! Just looking at my cute little face in the mirror. ~ little M.

Hmmm. I think I might be done adopting babies. They cry SO much. ~ little M

I have decided that I will come back to China when I am a grown up, and I will adopt myself three babies. And I already know what their names will be. I guess my husband can pick out the middle names…if I like them. ~ little M, after a week with tiny P

Oh, P, you know what I love most about your little face? Your pretty eyes! They look like mine! ~ little M

Will you take my arm off? ~ baby J. Umm, no?

Why are you crying? ~ me
I sad, because you won’t take my arm off. ~ baby J. I don’t understand.

There is rules at school. ~ baby J
What are the rules? ~ me
No picking other people’s nose. ~ baby J. I guess it needs to be said…

May we watch a show? ~ baby J
I think so… ~ me
I think so. I think so means yes? ~ baby J

I am having an early dismissal today? Yay! Early dismissal means that you pick your girl up early! ~ little M

What is something new you learned today? ~ me
I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know…but I did get to practice photobombing, so that was good. ~ little M. Thanks again, John, for teaching her how to photobomb…

I have a special talent for photobombing! ~ little M, after photobombing complete strangers in the hotel in China

Daddy, I love you because you are precious! ~ little M

I will be Zarina, and you can be Tinker bell. ~ little M
I no want be Tinker Bell. I have to be Zarina! ~ baby J
What if I let you have a sword? ~ little M
Ok. I be Tinker Bell with a sword. ~ baby J. The boy will do anything for a sword.

I am super busy right now, J, but I will be happy to talk to you in a minute. ~ little M, cutting up some paper.
What are you doing? Why are you busy? What are you making? ~ baby J, all up in little M’s space
I am trying to work and make money…but you’re distracting me. Here, have a coin. ~ little M. She was “making money” by cutting circles out of paper.

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