Would you like to try this? If you try it, you will love it! ~ little M, dipping her apple slices in ranch. Gross. Just gross.

It’s time to play? ~ baby J
No, it’s time to get ready for bed. ~ me
I a pirate. Pirate doesn’t sleep. ~ baby J

J, let’s go play! We can make a fort! ~ little M
O-tay, jiejie, you my best friend! ~ baby J

Come here, J! ~ little M
O-tay, matendy! ~ baby J
Oh mommy! He said my name, and he said it perfectly! ~ little M. Yes, perfectly. Ha.

Whoa! That’s such a big number! I don’t know if I can count that high. ~ little M, after I told her how old I was. Sassy thing…

I was just thinking… ~ little M
What are you thinking? ~ me
Most bugs walk on four to six legs, and many can fly. I can do neither of those things. ~ little M. Deep thoughts, baby girl…

Am I pretty when I am naked and I have no makeup on? ~ little M. What??

I have to go clear the table and put stuff away, but when I come back I have some more words to tell you! ~ little M, to our friend John. And she did have more words, too.

Do I smell like a lady right now? ~ little M, after putting perfume on.

I need more pillows! I need to make a tiny place. ~ baby J
What’s a tiny place? ~ me
I think he means a hiding place. Like a fort? ~ little M
Yes! A tiny place! ~ baby J. Yes indeed… a hiding place.

How is first grade? ~ our neighbor
It’s fun! ~ little M
Do you have homework? ~ neighbor
No, I know everything. ~ little M

I just love eating. ~ little M

I love my real house more than vacation house. Cause it has my pillows and sheets… ~ little M

It’s almost time to get out and go inside. ~ the husband, at the lake house.
No more swimming in the water? ~ little M
You can swim more tomorrow. ~ the husband
Awe, c’mon daddy…water is my life!! ~ little M

I just learned how to photo bomb! It was so funny! ~ little M. Thanks, John!


  1. ourchinagirls on August 28, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    One of mine like french fries with sweet and sour sauce. Yuck!

  2. Busstrip on September 4, 2014 at 12:49 am

    Those are so funny. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to read about your journey to China for your little one.

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