I think you could maybe make me a countdown for school, and it could have a little candy and a present each day…kind of like an advent, but for school. ~ little M

Why are you naked? ~ me
Because I took my clothes off. ~ little M. yes, clearly…

Mommy, if you torture me, then I will torture daddy when he comes home… so make a good choice, ok?! ~ little M, when I was tickling her.

I love pirates! ~ baby J

I’m not going to sword anyone, don’t worry. ~ baby J, playing with his toy sword

Hello? Where are you, big peoples?? ~ baby J, looking for the husband and I.

I can’t like this. ~ baby J. About everything.

Big peoples! I want a hug! ~ baby J

Be careful, there’s a little boy behind you. ~ a random girl at the park that little M was playing with
I know. That’s my brother, he’s always following me. ~ little M
Oh. I’m going to have a brother, too. Do you like it? ~ random girl
Not really. Just sometimes. ~ little M. Ahh, honesty…

Hello, mommy queen! ~ little M
Hello little princess… ~ me
Umm, can you call me princess M, because that is my proper title. ~ little M. Ha.

I’m just feeling sad, and I’m having a hard day! ~ little M, crying.
Can you tell me what is making you sad? ~ me
I just want my baby sister home… I don’t like being patient, I’m not a good waiter, and I want her home now! ~ little M. me too, baby girl. Me too.

Does it hurt, J? ~ little M, after baby J fell on his face
Yes. My eye hurts, my nose hurts, my cheek hurts. ~ baby J
Well. Maybe you need to be carefuller. ~ little M
Oh. O-tay, jiejie… ~ baby J

Quick, J, let’s huddle up! ~ little M
O-tay! ~ baby J

You need to listen to mommy, and obey. ~ me
O-tay. Mommy, are you happy? Are you big happy? ~ baby J
Yes…it makes mommy happy when you obey. ~ me
Oh. I sink you gonna be sad today. ~ baby J. Well. Okay then.

Mommy, will you paint my nails tomorrow? ~ little M
Sure, baby girl. ~ me
And will you use some special cotton, and some special juice to take the old polish off? ~ little M.

Can I measure your ricks? ~ little M
My what? ~ me
Your ricks. To see if this bracelet will fit. ~ little M. Ahh, yes, my ricks.

Oh no, J, you were so loud you broke the spell! ~ little M
The spell? Loud? Was it a big spell? ~baby J
It was a very nice spell, but now it is broken. Please try to be quieter. ~ little M
Ok, jiejie. You make a new spell? ~ baby J
I’ll try…all I can do is try. ~ little M. I don’t even know what this conversation was about…

This day is going to be perfect! ~ little M, after I gave her some m&ms.

Should we call daddy “daddy king” or “king daddy”? What is the proper way? ~ little M

We are listening to mommy’s music? ~ baby J
Yes, we are listening to the radio. ~ me
Oh! I LOVE mommy music! ~ baby J

What are you doing? ~me
I just looking at you. ~ baby J, looking at me with wide, crazy eyes.

I have so many thoughts in my head right now! ~ little M


  1. Judy from Texas on August 7, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Love these \”conversations\”. So sweet.

  2. Judy from Texas on August 7, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    oops, sorry for the triple posting

  3. celine on August 8, 2014 at 1:45 am

    I was laughing out loud!

  4. a portland granny on August 8, 2014 at 3:40 am

    Their dialog is so cute–I was so enjoying the exchange. You get great pictures of them. I know your joy is overfowing with these two littles and all of their adventures together. I wish you lived closer. I would love to know them!! Fortunately I have twins from China who live next door and I have a great time with them! Parents had been married for 26 years with no children, when they adopted them at around two years old–now 8 and so well behaved, cute and fun,Children are indeed the joy of our lives.Blessings

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