I think I see some mosquitos out there, can you put some bug juice on me? ~ little M, looking out the front door before going to the park.

It is so hot outside, it smells like the sun. ~ little M
What does the sun smell like? ~ me
Like it is burning things. ~ little M. Oh, right.

Ugh. it’s so hot out. I changed my mind… Winter is my new favorite season. ~ little M

Oh my, I look fabulous with makeup on. ~ little M, after she pretended to apply makeup to herself.

I am queen Elsa, and I will freeze you! ~ baby J
You can’t freeze me! ~ little M
I WILL! ~ baby J
You can’t get me, I am protectified! ~ little M

Are you tired? ~ me, to baby J, after an emotional morning.
No. I just grumpy. ~ baby J. ok, then.

I know what would make you feel better! A song! What should we sing? ~ little M to baby J after a long day.
You sing. I go sleeping. ~ baby J

What’s on your face? ~ me, wiping crumbs off my boy.
Just my lips. ~ baby J

Look at all my allowance! I have never seen so much money in my life! ~ little M, after saving her allowance for several weeks.

I’m stuck! ~ little M, standing on a rock in the middle of a creek.
What do you think you could do about that? ~ me, wanting her to use her words to ask for help.
I don’t know…I guess I will be stuck here forever. ~ little M

Oh mommy, look at my darling bow bracelet! ~ little M, admiring her craft

What are you making there? ~ me, watching little M make a craft
Well, mommy, that’s a great question! I’m not sure yet, but I will let you know in a little bit. ~ little M

Oh, that’s a ant! Lemme grab it. ~ baby J

Are you happy, mommy? ~ baby J
Yes! I am! ~ me
Oh! Then I happy, too! ~ baby J. Presh.

I a good boy right now! I be trouble later. ~ baby J. Good to know…

Are you ready to move on? ~ me, at a museum with dinosaur bones.
Not quite, I just need to observate this a little longer, so I can draw it in my journal. ~ little M

I have a hypothesis… I think this dinosaur was a herbivore because it has flat teeth, and I think it got dead from a carnivore because of all the sharp teeth found around it. ~ little M

Oh my goodness! I can see the whole world from here, and it is huge!! ~ little M, in the airplane.

I am working on crafting my decorations for my big day! ~ little M

Let’s talk about my special day a little bit. ~ little M
Your birthday? ~ me
No, mommy, my wedding! ~ little M

On my special day, I am going to have cardinals fly behind me holding up the back of my veil. ~ little M…good luck with that, baby girl.

I need to pick out my ring for my special day…I don’t need to pick the boy yet, because I have plenty of time for that, right? ~ little M… right. But those decorations and that ring won’t wait. Crazy girl…


  1. noname on July 17, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    I hope they bring back \”Kids Say the Darndest Things\” just so Mackenzie can go on. I love your blog. 🙂

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