Mommy, I love you just the way you are! ~ little M.

Hi mommy…is it morning already? ~ little M, when I woke her up early for a doctor’s appointment this week.

Thank you for making these cookies, mommy! I can tell you worked really hard on these. ~ little M. Presh.

Oh, I messed this picture up. I’m going to delete this page. ~ little M, tearing up her paper, and throwing it away.

Can you please stop making noise, J? ~ little M
No. I tant. I loud. ~ baby J

Why are you so loud, J? ~ little M
I are. I just are. ~ baby J

Yi. Er. San! Wait, what? One, two, fee! ~ baby J. It cracks me up when he switches back to Chinese.

I a princess! ~ baby J
You can’t be a princess, J. ~ little M
I am! I a princess! A PRINCESS! ~ baby J
Fine, you can be a princess, but just for a little while, ok? ~ little M
O-tay. ~ baby J

Mommy, will you make the music louder, please? ~ little M
No jie-jie. I sink it louder enough. ~ baby J

I am so hungry for breakfast right now, I am starving! I am herbivoracious! ~ little M
Herbivoracious? ~ me
That’s just a little troodon joke for you. ~ little M
What? ~ me
A true-a-don, mommy, is a dinosaur, and the troodon is an herbivore. So it’s a troodon joke. Isn’t it funny? ~ little M. These are her jokes now. And yes, it is funny.

What are all these different wing measurements? ~ little M, at the nature center
These show how wide the wings are…this is the eagle, and the falcon, and the vulture, and the kestrel. I don’t know what a kestrel is… ~ me
Umm, it’s a bird, mommy. ~ little M (yes. clearly. so helpful. ha.)

What a beautiful day! I just love this time of year! ~ little M. It was pouring rain outside. Ha.

Dancing must be good cardio, because my heart is bumping super hard right now. ~ little M. Bumping.

Can we watch Frozen? It has been about a THOUSAND YEARS since I got to watch that! ~ little M

 We need to start packing for our trip. ~ little M
We still have a few weeks before we leave. ~ me
Hmmm. Maybe you need to make me a paper chain, or something. ~ little M

You know what makes me happy? ~ little M
Candy? ~ me
Oh yes. Do you know what else makes me happy? ~ little M
Cuddles? ~ me
Um yes. But do you know what else? ~ little M
Hmmm. Crafting? ~ me
Mommy, you know a lot of things that make me happy! Also water…so I can be hydrated! ~ little M. Ha.

When we go on our field trip, we have to be quiet. It. Is. SOOOO hard. to be quiet! ~ little M

I had an icicle stick pop today! It was special! ~ little M
Do you mean a popsicle? ~ the husband
A popsicle? What’s a popsicle? It’s an icicle stick pop, daddy. ~ little M

Mommy, yesterday was the first day of Summer?! ~ little M
Umm, yes. ~ me
Oh dear…we didn’t have a Spring wrap-up. ~ little M
I don’t know what a Spring wrap-up is. ~ me
I don’t either… I think you just sing some songs, and stuff. ~ little M. What??


  1. noname on June 24, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    Ha ha to Jackson being loud. He reminds me of my cousin Aaron… only one volume… MAXIMUM! 🙂

  2. Renate on June 24, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    OK that last one made me really laugh out loud! Little M is a hoot! My goodness you have to be cracking up all day.

  3. Always wear your tiara on June 25, 2014 at 10:25 am

    Always my favourite posts.

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