I wish I could stay with you all day, mommy, but I have to go to school. I have a job to do. ~ little M
What job are you doing today? ~ me
Learning, mommy. Learning is my job! ~ little M. Duh.

That’s so pretty on you mommy! You look just like a giraffe! ~ little M, while I was trying on clothes…thank you?

Daddy, I have to go to the water closet! ~ little M
What? ~ the husband
That’s another word for bathroom. ~ little M

You not a boss me, jiejie! ~ baby J. All day. Because all day he gets bossed.

I love you, little boy. ~ me
I love you, big girl! ~ baby J

Yay! I excitess! ~ baby J, about noodles for lunch. (excitess. ha.)

The sun is shining! It hurts my eyes. ~ baby J, before he burst into tears.
Stop looking at it. ~ me
Oh, ok mommy. ~ babyJ

Is the queen the boss? ~ little M
Uh, I guess so, in a way. Why? ~ me
Who is the queen of America? ~ little M
America doesn’t have a queen ~ me, going into who is the boss, and how, and so forth.
Well. Where do I go to be the queen? ~ little M
You want to be the boss? ~ me
No. I want my own castle. ~ little M. And don’t we all?

Oh good, they’ve cut our grass. ~ me
Who did, mommy? ~ little M
Um, the people that do that. ~ me
Do you mean the community helpers, mommy? ~ little M

Do I only have five more days of school, mommy? ~ little M
No, you have four more weeks. ~ me
Oh. My guess was really close! ~ little M

Oh, look at that cute little caterpillar, mommy! I believe he will turn into a chrysalis soon. ~ little M

Are you looking for daddy, mommy? I believe he is outside doing some cardio. ~ little M, while we were at a friend’s house. Little weirdo…

It’s raining again… I have a hypothesis! My hypothesis is that the creek will be very full of water. Let’s go test it! ~ little M

Oh, what a nice day to dance in the sunshine! ~ little M

Look at my picture, JieJie! ~ baby J
Hmmm, can you add some more detail? I’m not sure what the setting is. ~ little M

Everyone at church loved my shoes today, mommy. ~ little M
Oh, what did they say? ~ me
Nobody said anything. I just know they loved them. ~ little M. Ha.

Let’s play together, mommy! You will be the prince, and I will be the princess. ~ little M
Why do I have to be the prince? ~ me
Because I’m obviously the princess. And I need me a prince. ~ little M
Fine. ~ me
Helloooo, mr. prince. ~ little M
Hellooo, miss princess. ~ me
Oh mommy, you’re doing it wrong, I’m afraid. Can you call me miss LITTLE princess? ~ little M. And on it went…


  1. Renate on May 21, 2014 at 12:07 am

    LOL love these posts!

  2. noname on May 21, 2014 at 1:49 am

    Mackenzie has got to be one of the funniest people on the planet. 🙂

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