Oh de-ah (dear). I have pickups. ~ baby J (he meant hiccups).

I love bumps, mommy! ~ baby J, when we were driving over speed bumps.

I love spring flowers! ~ baby J

I love crazy! ~ baby J, while singing a Frozen song with little M.

I love baths! ~ baby J

I love water! ~ baby J

I love chicken! ~ baby J. He is enthusiastic about everything, ha.

I wan go to the park! ~ baby J
We’re not going to the park right now. ~ me
Oh. O-tay,  den I wan sushi. ~ baby J

Ouch! I fall down! ~ baby J
Oh, poor buddy. I think next time go slower, and be careful. ~ little M
I go fast. ~ baby J
then I guess you just have to be careful. ~ little M
O-tay, jiejie. ~ baby J

That’s deen. ~ baby J
Deen? ~ me
Duh-ween. ~ baby J
Oh. green. ~ me
Yes. duh-ween means go. ~ babyJ

Wake up daddy1 It’s not time to sleep, it’s time to talk! ~ little M

Well, mommy, I tried to make my bed, but it was too bouncy. ~ little M. Ha.

I need to get a hooker. ~ little M
What? ~ me
A hooker. To hang my sweater up. ~ little M
You mean a hanger? ~ me
A hanger? Oh, I found one. See? It’s a hooker! ~ little M
Baby girl, that’s a hanger. ~ me
A hanger? A hooker is a hanger? ~ little M
Um, yes. I guess a hooker is a hanger. ~ me

Mommy, is goose plural, or is geese plural? I can’t remember. ~ little M

You know who likes math? John! You know who else likes math? Me! ~ little M, while eating dinner.

Ugh, I am walking too much… my feet are killing myself! It’s so killing… ~ little M (the drama…)

I think we should have some egg plates for Easter ~ little M
Maybe we can find some. ~ me
I saw some! ~ little M
Where did you see them? ~ me
Well, at the Safeway, of course! ~ little M

Uh-oh, daddy’s in trouble! ~ little M, after the husband was teasing me
When someone is in trouble we shouldn’t laugh because that is serious business. ~ little M, when I giggled at her previous statement.
Mommy, it’s not funny! Remember we just talked about it? ~ little M, when I still giggled.

Will you fill up my human flyer with water? ~ little M
Your human flyer ~ the husband, perplexed
She means her humidifier ~ me.
Humanifier? ~ little M. Why would we want to correct this?

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  1. Renate on April 23, 2014 at 12:33 am

    LoL How do you keep from laughing ?I really did laugh out loud! So Cute.

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