I. Am. Awesome! ~ baby J. About everything he does. He is pretty awesome.

I has red car panties! ~ baby J, to a stranger at the grocery store. We are in the throes of potty training.

Drive faster, mommy! Silver car go fast, please! ~ baby J. He is quite the backseat driver.

I no cry, I has marshbubbles? ~ baby J, on the way to the doctor (he meant marshmallows)

I luh luh love ranch dip. ~ baby J

Oh no, J, you are touching all my stuff! Why don’t you go play with your cars? ~ little M
Oh. O-tay, jiejie! ~ baby J

I fell down, and the road tore my skin right off! ~ little M, crying after falling

What did you trip over! ~me
The ground, mommy! The ground tripped me! ~ little M, still crying

Daddy, please don’t drive too fast…my owie hurts when you drive fast! When we get home will you carry me inside? My leg won’t bend because of the owie. ~ little M, with all of the melodrama her little self can muster. Not to worry, her owie didn’t even bleed.

I know! Let’s make a baby! ~ little M, coloring with a friend

Oh no, mommy! We didn’t celebrate the first day of March! ~ little M. I do love to celebrate, but we don’t generally celebrate the first day of the month.

This water is old, I see bubbles, it must have germs! ~ little M
This water is warm, it’s not fresh! ~ little M
Look at all the bubbles in my water! Germs! That’s so disgusted! ~ little M
May I please have fresh, cold water? My water has gotten so old. ~ little M. As you can see, the girl is a little crazy about her water.

Here mommy, let me give you a little sausage on your neck. ~ little M (she meant massage)

Mommy, when you’re 100 years old, your hair will die and turn gray. ~ little M. There you go.

Yes, I did have outdoor recess today, it was a little cold, but the cold never bothered me anywaaaays! ~little M. Imagine her singing the last part a la frozen. Imagine it, because that is what happened. Ha.

There are some things I don’t understand. ~ little M
What don’t you understand? ~ me
I don’t know. Just some things. ~ little M

I must be lucky, because good things always happen to me! ~ little M

This song is making my legs dance! It’s my new favorite song! ~ little M.

Mommy, my friend at school had naked legs today! She had a dress with no pants. I can. not. WAIT till I can have naked legs! How about tomorrow? ~ little M

Mommy, you are so precious to me. I will always love you. ~ little M. Presh.

Mommy, the earth is a thuh-phere. A thuh-phere is round like a ball…but you can’t hold the earth. It’s a very big thuh-phere. ~ little M

Mommy, do we have time to talk more about where babies come out of, or do I need to go to school? ~ little M

I like a little spike, please? I like a little spiky hair? ~ baby J
J sure does like his hair to be spiky… ~ little M
He does. Do you think I could do a spike in my hair? ~ the husband
Umm. You could use your imagination! ~ little M


  1. Renate on March 25, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    These are my favorite kind of posts! LOL

  2. Renate on March 25, 2014 at 12:48 pm

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  3. Mochamama on March 25, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Hilarious! I love the \”can we talk more about babies,\” Where did you get her dress? It is so cute!Blessings!Mimiwww.mimielmer.blogspot.com

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