Hey babe. What are you doin? ~ baby J, to me. Babe…ha.
Aww, you cold? I to make you warm. ~ baby J, again to me.
Hug! ~ baby J, to little M, as he runs up and hugs her from behind. Often. Presh.
Four people. Mommy, daddy, jiejie, J. Four people my fallamy. ~ baby J

It yummy medicine, or yucky? ~ baby J. Poor guy, he’s been on a lot of meds over the past month.

Mommy! Where my box? I need my box! ~ baby J. Took me two days to figure out he wanted his stuffed fox.

J is happy. ~ baby J
I’m glad you’re happy. That makes me happy! ~ me
J is happy. Have fallamy…happy. ~ baby J. Melts my heart.

Uh, what are you doing? ~ me, to little M
Brushing my eyebrows. ~ little M, looking at me like she shouldn’t have to point out the obvious.

I love penguins…I do NOT care for snow. ~ little M, while eating dinner.

Oh, that grandpa… he is a GOOD man! ~ little M, after the grandpa bought her a purple dress and sparkly shoes.

I would like to paint your toenails! ~ little M, to uncle M
Oh no! I have to go! ~ uncle M, running away
*gasp* you’re scared! ~ little M
I am not! ~ uncle M
Yes you are! You’re scared of a little tiny girl! ~ little M

The character trait we are learning about this week is compassion. ~ little M, showing us her pictures, and explaining the definitions of compassion.
Oh, do you have compassion? ~ the husband
Ummm, hmm. I don’t think so…I could use it in a sentence, though? ~ little M
Maybe that’s something you could work on. ~ the husband
*sigh* yeah…maybe. ~ little M. Clearly, we have work to do.

I’m making waffles! With vanilla! ~little M, making breakfast with the husband.
Oh, is that your secret ingredient? ~ me
Mommy. I can’t tell you, it’s a secret ingredient. ~ little M. Cracks me up

Oh mommy, I think the boy did it! Smell that?? It’s poopoo! ~ little M. We’re potty training, and poopoo draws a lot of excitement round these parts these days.

Oh mommy, I just love mealworms. They are just so fascinating! ~ little M
Mealworms? ~ me. What?
Oh yes, mommy! mealworms are only worms for a little while. They come from an egg, then are larva, then pupa, and when they grow up they are a BEETLE! Amazing, right?! ~ little M
Umm, yes, that sounds amazing. ~ me. I don’t like worms. Or beetles.

Oh no!!! That’s disgusted!! Does that tissue have boogies in it? It touched my toe! ~ little M. Drama, drama, drama… no, the tissue did NOT have boogies. Also, I love that she says disgusted, instead of disgusting.

Where’s J? ~ little M
He went downstairs. ~ me.
Oh. Well, he won’t find me, because I’m not there. ~ little M

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