Mommy! Look! WHEELPINS!!! ~ P
Umm, I think you mean pinwheels? ~ M
I mean what I say! STOP RUINING ALL THE THINGS I LOVE! ~  P. She means what she says.

How do leaves grow? How many steps are in the life cycle of a leaf? ~ P

But mommy, you have to give it to me! ~ P, wanting candy.
Why do I have to? ~ me, laughing.
Because! I am your sweet baby, and you should always want to give your sweet baby anything she wants! ~  P

Being sick is hard. I just want to take off my underwear, wear some cozy clothes, and watch tv. ~ P. ok, then…

J, what would you do if you had a pet fly? ~ P
Umm, feed it poop? ~ J

I am telling you things. ~ P
Yes but… ~ J
No, it’s my time to talk. ~ P
But I have something important to say! ~ J
Stop saying words until I talk all of my words out!!! ~ P

I want you to stop bossing me! ~  J
But if I don’t boss you, you won’t know what to do! ~  P

We are working on astrology. We have to choose a planet and design a way or a station to make it habitable. ~  M
That’s a cool project! ~ me
Umm, yeah. But I chose Neptune, and now I’m worried I’m going to regret it. I just didn’t want to choose Mars like everyone else!  ~ M

Mommy, how was your eye doctor appointment? Were your eyes better, or worse? ~ M
They were only a little worse. ~ me
Hmmm. Well, yeah, that happens when you get old. Your senses don’t work as well. Maybe that’s what you’re experiencing? ~ M. Thanks…

I’m so hungry! I want something big and appetizing. But not too big. But super appetizing… ~ M.

What would you do if you had thirty dollars? ~  M
I know! I would adopt a baby! And buy a toy! ~  J

You sound like a pig. ~ M
No! That is my elephant seal noise! ~ P
Oh…yeah, I can tell the difference now… ~ M, very seriously.

I wonder how long it takes a mako shark to swim the whole ocean… ~ J
Well, the ocean is very big, it’s many miles. ~ P
I know. It’s vast. ~  J
Yes, and you know they don’t just keep on swimming, they have to stop to eat…and to mate. ~ M

I have an owie! ~ P
Where? ~ me
On my young toe! My young toe is really hurting! ~ P

You should not have taken my dinosaur, P. When you take something that isn’t your’s, you should apologize. ~ J
Fine. I’m sorry I took your dinosaur. But I’m not that sorry, because I wanted it. ~ P

It’s mommy’s birthday, so she gets to be the boss. ~ P
When do I get to be the boss? ~ the husband
Ummm, on your birthday? Or when mommy’s not around? ~ P

What kind of animal is this meat? ~ P
It’s chicken. You’re eating a leg. ~ the husband
Oh. We really did not respect that chicken. ~ P

Mommy, is a stallion a boy or a girl? ~ P
A boy. ~ me
J! You’re a stallion! ~ P
Yes. I know I am. ~  J

Where is a sharks territory? ~ J
The ocean? ~ M
But where in the ocean? ~ J
It depends on the shark… ~ M, proceeding to name all. the. sharks. ever. and where they are found.
Never mind! I decided I don’t want to know! ~ J

P! You are killing me! ~ J…she likes to sit on him.
Umm, not yet, I’m not! ~ P

These tacos are so good. I’m so full, but I just can’t resist them! ~ M

When I grow up, I might make EVERY DAY taco Tuesday! ~ M

…and that is how the life cycle of a seed works. Do you understand? ~ M, after a VERY long explanation.
Ummm, no. I don’t understand. But I also don’t care. ~ J

You’re a turdy! ~ P
What? Why are you calling me that? ~ M
You’re late! You’re a turdy! ~ P
Tardy is late. I think you are calling me a poop. ~ M
Oh. Well, ok then. ~ P

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