Ooh, look at that pretty red car! Is that made out of fast? ~ little M

Today we learned about books that are ficken. ~little M
Ficken? ~the grandma
Yes. Ficken. That means it’s not real… it’s ficken. ~little M
Oh… fiction! ~the grandma.
Yes. Not real. ~little M

I like to nipple! ~little M
WHAT??? ~me
Nipple. I like to nipple on noodles! ~ little M
Oh. Nibble? ~ me
Yes. On noodles. ~little M

I can’t slurp my noodles very fast anymore. I guess I am just getting too old. ~ little M

I love chocolate milk! Even when I have juice, I am still thinking about chocolate milk. That’s real love. ~little M

Is my neck bigger than baby J’s? ~ little M
Yes, and little bigger. ~me
And your neck is bigger than mine? ~little M
Yes. ~ me, letting little M inspect my neck
Mommy! You have the biggest neck I have ever seen! ~little M. What a compliment.

Our family is so cute. I think we should have six more kids. ~ little M. And she has names picked out for all six…

No! J do it. ~baby J. all day long. about everything.

Nussing! I not do nussing! ~ baby J, when I asked what he was doing, when it was quiet. ha. And yeah, he was doing something…

Who is dat? ~little J, for everything, instead of WHAT is that.

How old are you? ~woman in the checkout line.
I ten. ~ baby J
No you’re not. ~me
Oh. I five. ~baby J
… he’s three. ~me

I have looked at all of our options, and I have decided which path is best for us to take. ~little M, while we were hiking.

Hmmm…this homework is hurting my brain a little bit. ~little M (trying to come up with three words that start and end with the same letter. ha)

What are we going to do with this boy, mommy? ~ little M, about baby J, when he wouldn’t do what she wanted.

My body is telling me something. ~ little M
What is is telling you? ~me
I don’t know. It’s talking so quiet, I can’t hear it. ~little M

When I grow up, I am going to have blue sparkly wings. ~ little M

I love my brother! ~ little M
That makes me happy!~ me
Well. Most of the time. ~ little M

J. Look at me…we are all done with this hugging, ok? ~ little M
O-tay. one more? ~baby J
Ugh. Ok. One more. Now go play with your cars. ~ little M
O-tay! ~baby J


  1. Renate on December 7, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    Love these posts. Always make me laugh! What a smart funny girl.

  2. Unknown on December 8, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    Little M is a genuinely funny kid. I have a feeling she'll be saying this sort of stuff all of her life. 🙂

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