Mommy, I am being so curious right now! ~ little M, asking questions, while reading books.

Oh dear, look at this. My medium bruise and my little bruise got together, and now they are one big bruise! ~ little M, eyeballing her knee.

Chicken nuggets are so yummy! They make my tummy feel super happy! ~ little M

What do you mean, we used all the bandaids?! Did you use them? Did you put them all over your body?! ~ little M, a little distressed to learn that her special bandaids were gone.

You know why I don’t feel good? Because I have no decoration on my ears or neck! No necklace and no earrings… ~ little M

Mommy? Where apple juice? ~ baby J… funny, because there was no apple juice, but he was looking for it like he wanted there to be. Funny boy.

J, you are squishing me! ~ little M, with baby J sitting on her while she was laying on the floor.
O-tay! ~ baby J…his answer for everything.

Well aren’t you a cute boy! ~ random lady at Target
No. ~ baby J
No? You’re not a cute boy? ~ random lady
No tute. Pwesha (precious). Mommy pwesha boy (mommy’s precious boy) ~ baby J

Don’t worry, I’ll just fluff your belly back up! ~ little M, after I told her that she was going to make my belly so flat when she was sitting on it.

I WISH I had stretchy arms…then I would stretch al the way to my grandma! ~ little M, after she talked to the Grandma on the phone.

Oh mommy! Thank you for bringing me a milkshake! That means you were thinking about me! I am going to think about you tomorrow, ok? ~little M, after school

Mommy, get ready to hug me, I am coming to give you some love! ~little M. Adorbs.

Do you have computer class today? ~ me
Umm. Mommy. Please don’t call it computer class…it’s called technology. ~ little M. I’m so uncool.

Mommy, I have THE softest cheeks! Do you want to feel them? ~ little M. And yes, I did feel them, and yes she does, ha.

Daddy, look, what’s different about me? ~ little M, talking to the husband. When he looked at her, he started laughing, because little M had a sticker on her head.

I’m so exciting! I love to do homework! ~ little M. I love that she is exciting instead of excited. And I love that she loves homework.

You know what we haven’t had in awhile? Rice with thowey thauthe (soy sauce). ~ little M. I love her s’s, and they won’t get better anytime soon since she is about to lose two more teeth.


  1. Renate on October 25, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    These posts always make me laugh.

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