I can’t promise to stop growing because I want to be tall like my friend John! ~little M. Why does she keep growing so much??

If you need any help, just call my name, ok? ~ little M, to the husband

Are you just teasing on me, daddy? ~ little M

Oh no, mommy…I don’t want to get tickled up!!” ~little M

Do you know how many different kinds of penguins there are? You might think there is only one, but really there are seventeen. ~little M. No, I did not know that…

Mommy, did you know that okapis have striped legs, so they can hide in the trees? ~little M.

Mommy. Pokanut trees have pokanuts on their head. When you see pokanuts, then you know that you are looking at a pokanut tree. ~ little M. Pokanuts. Ha.

I wish, wish, wish I had a spotting scope! ~little M
What’s a spotting scope? ~me
It’s like binioculuss. But it only has one eye hole. ~little M. Oh yes, I see…like binoculuss.

My bottom isn’t bony. It’s just soft. ~ little M. Yes. It is bony.

Mommy, I think we should have maybe eight kids in our family. ~little M. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

I have a question…did you know I love you? ~ little M. Melts my heart.

You sure do love those noodles! ~me
Yes, and Chipotle! ~little M. And there you go.

Good morning, mommy! I have made us a plan for today. ~little M. Oh, yes, she did.

There’s the hospital, J. That’s where you’re going to cry! ~little M, on the way to baby J’s post op.

You know what would be fun? Blowing some bubbles! ~little M

Mommy, how old should I be when I marry H? ~little M

But mommy! How will he know to buy me a ring?! ~little M, when I told her she couldn’t tell H that he was going to marry her.

Well! I was upstairs, and you were downstairs, and you were having fun. And then I was all alone, and then I was sad, and then my tears came out! ~little M, when she was getting ready for bed.

Whoa! Big chi chuh! ~ baby J. I love the mix of Chinese and English (chi chuh is car in Chinese).

Wow! Chi chuh buppy! ~baby J (wow! the car is bumpy!). Again with the Chinese and English…

Help! These bugs are trying very hard to suck my blood! ~little M. She’s a mosquito magnet.

When baby J smiles, his eyes go all the way closed, and when I smile, my eyes only go a little way closed. And that’s how we are different. ~ little M. Yep.

J, you need to eat all your lunch, so you have energy for your nap. ~little M. Hmmm.

Well. He just gets louder and louder. ~little M. She’s kind of right.

Yes, J. Your jie jie is very funny. ~little M to baby J. She does crack him up…

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    She makes me smile.

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