Just some things heard around our house lately…

I don’t know if that caterpillar is a mother…I don’t see a baby either. (me)

I’m am not talking to you about shoes while you are going potty. (me)

Please get off the table…no, it’s not a bed. (me)

I can’t make it snow…because I can’t… I’m sorry you’re disappointed that I can’t make it snow. (me)

Oh my gosh! My hand is cold! (little M, heard from the bathroom)

Dear God, please let us go to a farm (little M, praying before dinner)

Why are clouds white? (little M)

Do you want to look at my halloween costume, or do you want to lick it? (little M, talking to the husband…guess which one he did not choose?)

Everyone has a ‘vertible (convertible), except me! (little M, from the backseat of the car)

Oh no, my teeth fell down, so sad! (little M, in the car. Not to worry, it was a chatter teeth toy)

You are smooth! Did you take your spinies out? (little M, after the husband shaved)

Uh oh, I think I am making a bad choice…uh oh, I can’t stop! (little M, making a mess in the sink with soap)

When we go to a farm, would you like to milk a cow, or would you just like to pat it’s little nose? (little M, plotting to milk her a cow)

I’m tired, I think I would like to go eat a cupcake in my bed. (little M)

Oh, there’s the moon. Daytime was over fast! (little M, after a busy day)

I tried to listen to my body, but I just couldn’t hear it! (little M, after she had an accident)

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