Hey buddy…how did you sleep? ~ me
Ummm, with a melatonin. ~ baby J. So literal, haha.

Mommy! I just saw a lady running, and she had a really big belly! I think she is getting ready to adopt a baby!! ~ baby J. We might be slightly confused about where babies come from…

I had a bad dream, and then I woke up, and then I had a heart attack. ~ baby J. Rough night…

Cheetahs are fast. If I had a pet cheetah, I would sign her up for soccer. ~ baby J

What insurance do you have? because I saw an ad for State Farm, and it looks like they have good coverage, and they discount if you insure multiple things… ~ little M. Who IS this adult child??

Someone needs to get me a servant to fan me up, because I am sweating! ~ little M, while playing a game with a friend. A servant??

If I was in the ocean I would be a she-crab. ~ little M
What’s a she-crab? ~ tiny P
It’s a woman! ~ baby J

When you are in fifth grade, you can be part of safety patrol. I grabbed an application, because I am VERY safety conscious. ~ little M

Whooee! This song makes my bottom wiggle! ~ tiny P, dancing to some music.

Throat surgery is not my favorite. I don’t want to do this one again. ~ tiny P

Look! Mommy made you ice cream for dinner! ~Little M
I just want bacon and crackers. Nothing cheers me up anymore… ~ tiny P, with slumped shoulders and everything…this is what happens when you love bacon more than ice cream, haha.

Ugh, you woke me up too early, and now my brain is falling asleep. ~ tiny P

Did you sleep better last night? ~ me
Yes, I only had a tiny heart attack when I got a little scared. ~ baby J. Well. As long as it was only a tiny heart attack, haha.

J! Stop singing! I want to listen…but not to you singing. ~ tiny P

I have so many thoughts in my head. ~ baby J
Maybe you should write in your journal. ~ little M
No…I should write a book. ~ baby J. Ha.

I might like to be a policeman when I grow up so I can carry hand cups. ~ baby J. Hand cups…ha.

I’m thirstier than a snail right now. ~ tiny P. What?

Mommy, you are sillier than a chicken. ~ tiny P. And we know how silly chickens are…right?

Do you need to go potty? ~ me
No. I went potty yesterday. ~ tiny P. Yeaaaahhh…

There’s a nibble on your arm! ~ tiny P
What? Where? ~ me
Right there by your shoulder. It’s a nibble! ~ tiny P
Ohhh. No, it’s a mole. Not a nipple. ~ me. Ugh.
How did it get there? ~ tiny P
Umm, God put it there. ~ me
…God put a nibble on your ARM??! ~ tiny P. Again. It’s a mole.

I missed you! ~ tiny P
I missed you too! ~ me
I wanted to stay with you, but then I realized I would miss out on fun, so I left. ~ tiny P. Alrighty, then.

I can’t tell if these lobsters are boys or girls. I will have to google that. ~ little M, at a restaurant.
Ummm… ~ me
But I am observing that their eyes are really big. ~ little M
Yes. They are the size of edamame. ~ tiny P.

Look at M’s face! She is not enjoying this! ~ tiny P, while baby J was singing loudly.

Why do you look grumpy? ~ little M
I’m sad. My life is hard today. ~ baby J
Yes. Life can be hard. It’s harder if you make bad choices. ~ little M. Yes. Yes, it is.

P, you are so spoiled. ~ little M
Yes. But not quite spoiled enough! ~ tiny P

I am mommy’s favorite. ~ tiny P
What?? Mommy doesn’t have a favorite kid, she loves us all. ~ baby J
Umm, yes she does. It’s whoever is not annoying her brain, that is her favorite. ~ tiny P

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