Why does our lawn have to be mowed? Why can’t we let the grass grow? ~ tiny P
Because, P. The grass will grow as tall as the savannah! ~ little M

Oh no! There birds pooped on our car! ~ tiny P
Well, everything poops, and sometimes poop gets on your car. Sometimes there is poop everywhere, and life is hard. ~ little M

Daddy, here’s a cute pencil case! ~ little M, trying to help the husband
Umm, that’s not really my style. ~ the husband
What?? Cute isn’t your style?! ~ little M

Where are your pants? ~ baby J
I hate pants. I don’t think I’m going to wear them anymore. ~ tiny P
Everyone hates pants, P. We just have to wear them. It’s good manners. ~ baby J

Happy birthday, mommy! You’re the oldest person I know! ~ baby J

I love this house! ~ baby J, at a friend’s house
You know why? They have a lot of weapons. ~ baby J.They had toy swords, haha.

When we go home, I think I will have some candy. ~ tiny P
Ok, I think that would be fine! ~ me
What?? You don’t dissent? ~ tiny P

Ugh, my stripes keep falling off! ~ tiny P…she meant straps.

People! Why is everyone leaving me?? ~ tiny P, when we walked out of the office before her.

This is so heavy! ~ tiny P, trying to carry a toy upstairs.
Do you need help? ~ the husband
Yes…come on, daddy, we have got to work together! ~ tiny P

Friendly skies? What’s friendly about the sky?? ~ tiny P, on the airplane

Come ON people!! Teamwork makes the dream work!! ~ tiny P, up on her knees, yelling at people to sit down so the plane can take off.


I need you to stop that loud crying…you are giving me a headache. ~ little M
M! I am sad! Do you think I LIKE crying? ~ tiny P
I don’t know? You seem pretty dedicated to it. ~ little M

What are you smiling about? ~ little M
Because. I’m thinking happy, happy thoughts. ~ baby J

You need to go potty? ~ Little M
I tried! ~ tiny P
Are you sure? You weren’t in there very long~ baby J
I did, I tried! I tried out of my bottom! ~ tiny P

What are you going to watch? Is it a grownup show? ~ little M, when she was heading to bed
Yes. ~ the husband
Does it have violence? ~ little M
Maybe? ~ the husband
Like, crocodile violence? ~ little M
Umm, no. ~ the husband
Well, crocodiles are pretty violent, you know. ~ little M

Did you have fun at school? ~ me, to little M
Umm, mommy. That’s not why I go to school. ~ little M. Okay, then.

We need to clean up, so our house is tidy. ~ the husband
But, I thought messy was your style?! ~ little M

This chocolate is making my heart super happy! ~ Little M

P, why are you squeezing me so tight? ~ baby J
Because I love you! Really tight! ~ tiny P

Ugh, why are your ears so good??! ~ baby J, after I told him I could hear him making bad choices.

What’s the smell, J? Is that you? It smells like a honey badger in here! ~ tiny P
That’s my gas. Sorry. Just don’t breath for a second. ~ baby J

You can’t jump off the stairs. It’s not safe. ~ baby J
I’ll be ok. ~ tiny P
No…you could die. ~ baby J
No way! I will just use my powers. I’m magic. ~ tiny P

Wow, they sure do like pickles at this place…~ tiny P, eating out with the grandparents (they had pickles on the side of our meals).

There are uploaded letters and downloaded letters…wait, that’s not right. Uppercase and downercase? ~tiny P. She is learning her letters.

What kind of tree does candy corn grow on? ~ tiny P

Ugh, you are one gross mother. ~ tiny P, when I accidentally spilled the trash

Phew! Did you hear my screaming? I was being so dramatic. ~ tiny P

P, you walk with mommy, and J will walk with me. ~ the husband. Sometimes our youngest two need to be separated, haha.
Huh? You can’t separate us! We have fallen in love! ~ tiny P

M, do you want to play with us? ~ baby J, playing with tiny P
Maybe later, I’m going to do some writing… ~ little M
Ok, whatever you want to do is your choice! ~ baby J

I saw a mosquito, where is he? ~ tiny P
I see him! I think he is flying around trying to figure out who is best to suck! ~ baby J

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