Mommy! I need you to come back! I need to kiss you again! ~ tiny P, after I put her to bed

Ok, I’m coming… ~ me
Hurry, and get yourself in here! My lips are waiting for you! ~ tiny P

Where do frogs live? ~ tiny P
Well, some frogs live in water… ~ me
Wrong. I’ll give you an easy one. Where do giraffes live? ~ tiny P. And people ask me why I don’t homeschool…

Mommy! Will you pause the timer so I can go potty? ~ tiny P, while she was in time out.

Maybe those geese will come in our yard, and we can hold those babies! ~ tiny P
Well, I don’t think they will want to be held, but you can look at them, and we could take a picture of them. ~ me
I don’t have a camera. But, YOU could take a picture, and I could photobomb! ~ tiny P

They don’t open the presents while we watch? This is a strange party. Weddings are weird. ~ baby J, at his first wedding. He was disappointed that they didn’t open the gifts after the cake, haha.

When I get married, we are dancing and opening presents, and all my kids will eat cake. ~ baby J. All what kids, you may ask?

Will you get me a book about lincanas? ~ baby J
What? What is a lincana? ~ me
Lincanas! They make noise! ~ baby J
But what is it? Tell me more? ~ me
They fly. ~ baby J
I don’t know what this is…is it an animal? ~ me
I think it’s an insect. They are outside right now! ~ baby J, getting upset.
Ummm, do you mean cicadas? ~ me
Yes. Can you get me a book? ~ baby J
…. ~ me

Do you have any questions for me? ~ Dr K, after explaining the cath procedure to little M and I
No, I already googled all about caths and stents, so I know all of the things. ~ little M
Oh…well, maybe I should ask you questions! Do you know how big a stent is? ~ Dr K
It’s about 24 millimeters…almost one inch. I was surprised it was so big. ~ little M
Umm, you DO know all the things. I guess you’ve got this. ~ Dr K, laughing.

My sister told me you were funny. But nothing is funny about this day. ~ little M, to the cath surgeon, after her cath.

We don’t ever go with strangers, because they might not be safe. ~ little M
They could hurt us? ~ baby J
Or take us? ~ tiny P
Yes…but if someone did take you, don’t worry, they would bring you right back as soon as they realized…~ little M
M! ~ me, interrupting her.
Mommy! I was going to say as soon as they realized how many meds she needs! You thought I was going to say how sassy she was, didn’t you!! ~ little M. Umm, yes. Yes, I did.

I need you to carry me. ~ tiny P
I am carrying this basket, you can come downstairs by yourself. ~ me
I can’t, I’m too little. ~ tiny P
You can, I know you can. ~ me
You DON’T know me!! You don’t know my business! ~ tiny P, with her hands on her hips. The teenage years are going to be awesome…if we make it. Send help.

These crackers are so good! Do you want a cracker? ~ tiny P, eating cheese nips.
No, but thank you, I’m ok. ~ me
Oh. Do you want to just lick the cheese off my finger? ~ tiny P

You’re killing me, smalls. ~ our hospital social worker, to tiny P
You’re killing ME, bigs! ~ tiny P. Always has to have the last word.

Umm, you are not the boss. Dr K is the boss. He can come tell me not to lay on my side? ~ tiny P, to our nurse. She is grumpy after a cath. Dr K said not to anger her, haha.

I just counted. There are six fingers on this hand. Six. Did they put another finger on during my cath? ~ tiny P
No, you still have five, I promise. They wouldn’t add a finger. ~ me
Well, they ARE sneaky! They always put an IV! ~ tiny P. Morphine. we love it.

Let’s talk about all the ways you can make 100… ~ baby J.

I don’t like this homework! There is so much writing, it is going to take me one hundred years! ~ baby J

Look at these cute tiny shoes! They’re so little! Can we buy them? ~ baby J, at Target
Those are for a tiny baby, bud. They won’t fit anyone in our family. ~ me
We will save them for my brother! ~ baby J

How old do people get? ~ baby J
Well, sometimes people live to be 80 or so, or maybe to 100. Unless they get murdered or die first. ~ little M
What’s murdered? ~ baby J
That’s when someone kills you on purpose. ~ little M. Sometimes she educates too much…

Those girl’s bellies are showing! Do you think they forgot their shirts?? ~ baby J, watching some dancers at a Memorial Day parade

Look at their shiny underwears! ~ little M, watching the same dancers.

Did you sign me up for STEM Summer school? ~ little M
I haven’t yet, but I will… ~ me
I am feeling very stressful about this. What if I miss the cut-off?? ~ little M
I will do it tomorrow, ok? ~ me
I would just feel better if you called and left a message tonight. ~ little M
I will send the form tomorrow. I am positive this will be ok. ~ me
I just don’t think I’ll rest until I know I’m in! ~ little M. She is nine, going on a very stressed out 80. Also? I sent it, she is in, and all is well.

Sometimes I just have a lot of feelings in my head. ~ little M

There’s so much about the Aztecs I didn’t know! I better get learning! ~ little M

Here I come, here I not!! ~ tiny P, while the kids were playing hide and seek
You said it wrong, it’s here I come, ready or not. ~ baby J
No, it’s ready or not, here I come. ~ little M
Nobody’s the boss of me, I do what I want. ~ tiny P

My favorite animal is a horse. ~ little M
Mine is a fox. ~ baby J
Mine is a cheetah. ~ tiny P
Have you seen one? I don’t think you have. ~ little M
Yes! In our yard, remember? ~ tiny P
That was a bunny. ~ baby J
Oh. Yes, that’s right. Well, I still like cheetahs. ~ tiny P

I don’t need that booster anymore. You can take it off. ~ tiny P
Will you be able to reach your food? ~ me
Yes, I’m four and a half now. ~ tiny P

Please don’t put you foot in your mouth… ~ me, to tiny P
Do you have a reason for that? Does it have to do with germs? ~ tiny P. Yes, yes, it does,

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