Everything on my plate is so healthy! Chicken, and veggies, and I am eating fruit! ~ baby J
Yes, you have some good protein. ~ little M
And I am drinking milk. Milk is good protein. ~ baby J
Yes, but not too much. Too much milk can give you high cholesterol. ~ little M
What is cholesterol? ~ baby J
Cholesterol can coat your veins, and cause blood clots and heart disease. ~ little M
Oh! I have blood clots! But not from milk, I don’t think. ~ tiny P

You look so pretty today, J! ~ tiny P
I am a handsome boy, you’re right. ~ baby J
Yes, J looks so handsome, and so smart today. He looks like he is ready to go find someone to marry. ~ little M

Do I have super math power? ~ tiny P
I don’t think you do, but one day you might. ~ little M
I guess I just have my super strength and my super vision for now. ~ tiny P. Yeah…those things, haha.

Look outside! There is a swirling vortex of leaves! ~ little M

I am not sure how to sign walrus? ~ little M, to D, her deaf mentor.
You just finger spell it…there isn’t really a sign. ~ D
Why not? ~ little M
Well, most people don’t spend a lot of time with a walrus, so it didn’t get a sign, I guess. ~ D
That doesn’t make sense…~ little M
Well, how often do you really see a walrus? ~ D
Whenever I’m in Antarctica. ~ little M
??? ~ D

These black beans kind of look like animal droppings. ~ little M, at dinner. Thankfully, it wasn’t something I cooked, haha!

Emmalin is my favorite girl in school. I think I might love her. ~ baby J
She is? What do you love about her? ~ me
I love her dresses and her hair. Her hair is the softest hair I ever touched. ~ baby J.
Umm…When did you touch her hair? ~ me
I asked first. We don’t put our fingers in people’s hair unless we ask first. ~ baby J. We are in trouble when he is a teenager.

Why are you crying? ~ me
M said P’s eyes are bigger than mine. ~ baby J.

Sometimes I have a lot of bruises. I like to play, and I crash a lot. ~ baby J. He does crash…

Ugh, it’s snowing. Where is this snow coming from? ~ me
Umm, the snow clouds? ~ tiny P

Remember when I kicked you, because I was mad? ~ tiny P
Yes? ~ me
I’m happy now. Today I’m not going to kick you. ~ tiny P. Nice…

This is how you ink. ~ tiny P, holding a finger over one of her eye. (wink)

Umm, P, can I have some alone time? I just want to play by myself. ~ baby J
I want to play by myself, too! With YOU!!! ~ tiny P

You look worried, Mommy. ~ little M
J is being crazy, and I am worried he is going to hurt himself.  ~ me, watching baby J careen around the back yard.
Yes, he is crazy. But don’t worry, the wood chips in the mulch will protect him, and he’ll just get a few bruises. He won’t die. ~ little M. So there you go…

Where’s my water? I need to hyberate! ~ tiny P
I think you mean hydrate? ~ little M
I say what I mean. Don’t you tell me! ~ tiny P. She says what she means…

Sometimes life choices are hard…which career will I pursue first? ~ little M

Today was library day, and I got a dictionary, and a book of crafts from around the world. We are going to have some crazy fun this weekend! ~ little M. As long as she keeps this up, we won’t ever have to worry about Spring Break, haha.

Stop arguing with me! ~ little M
I’m not arguing! I”m explaining how I’m right! ~ baby J

You want to play doggy with me? ~ tiny P
Sure, how do you play? ~ baby J
You be the doggy, and I will take care of you. ~ tiny P
What do doggies do? ~ baby J
You can chase a stick. ~ tiny P
Ummm, do sticks run? ~ baby J. How does she know more about dogs than he does???

I do not cry! ~ tiny P
I heard you yesterday, you were crying like a baby. ~ baby J
Pfft…you cry like a baby. I cry like a big girl. ~ tiny P. So there.

Tomorrow I would like to go to the guinea pig store, and maybe the book store. And I am taking my grandma! ~ tiny P
What about me? ~ me
Umm, you can drive. ~ tiny P

Where’s my big red ball? ~ tiny P
You don’t have a big red ball. ~ me
I guess you need to do some searching. Or you can buy me one, if you want. ~ tiny P

I’m hugging you with my foot. ~ tiny P, with her foot on my neck.

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