Heart Cath Day…

This girl of ours…she is the bravest one I know. She goes into her heart cath day like a boss, even though she is terrified of going under with a mask. She does it.

I am so proud of her!

This was one of the fastest caths she’s ever had…and even though she had a really rough time coming out of anesthesia, she rocked her recovery time like a star. After her heart cath, P needs to lay still and keep her legs flat for six hours. That’s a long time for our active almost six year old!

We used to have to stay for a few days after each heart cath, and we always pack for a few days, so we are always surprised when we get discharged the same day. Right before we left, we found out that her heart biopsy showed zero rejection! Almost three years out from her heart transplant, and her precious hero’s heart is still going strong…we are so very thankful!

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