Heart Week

February is CHD awareness month, and this week, February 7-14th, is heart week.
CHD stands for congenital heart defect, which is a problem with the heart’s structure that is present at birth.

CHD is something we are always aware of, something that is always in the back of our minds.
Are we always thinking of it? Does it always consume us? No way…but sometimes, it does.

Some days we don’t even think about it…

Some days? It’s all we think about.
We think about how we will support our little M when she needs to have surgery in a couple years. We think about meds, and how both girls need to learn to swallow pills.
We think about the meds tiny P is on and the damage they might do to her body.
We think constantly this time of year about avoiding germs.
We think about life expectancy. Did you get that? No parent should ever have to think about outliving their child… but we do. And it takes my breath away. And I have to remind myself that right now? Our tiny P is thriving and we are going to live every moment her little heart gives us. 

And most days, that is what we are doing. We are living our life. We have three kids, with two in school, and their various after school activities that they need to be shuttled to. We are playing, we are working, we are doing all the normal things people with three kids do. Sure, we have many more doctor appointments than most, and most kids are probably not on a first name basis with more than three specialists, haha!

CHD is a part of who our girls are, it is something that will affect them for their entire lives, but it is not the most interesting nor the most important detail about them! Their hearts are amazing, strong, and beautiful, but so are they.
We are so lucky.

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